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How to Lose Weight


Preparing for a Successful Weight Loss Journey

Beginning a weight loss journey is like any other journey, you need to prepare to have the outcome you want.

You have to be ready to lose the weight, both physically and mentally. A few things you can do to get started : 

1) You need to realize that the weight loss process takes time, and you are not going to get results overnight.  This is probably the hardest part of losing weight...patience.

If you're a serial dieter, think about all the times you gave up because you didn't lose weight fast enough. If you would have been patient and stayed the course you would be well on your way already (or even done). Don’t waste any more of your life on unrealistic expectations when patience is waiting for you to succeed.

2) Before going out and loading up on healthier food, you need to get all the bad junk out of your kitchen. You can’t be tempted to sit and eat a whole carton of ice cream if it isn‘t in the freezer. Same goes for chips, or containers of cake frosting or whatever it is that triggers a downward slide. Salty, sweet, or both...get rid of temptation before a craving convinces you to give in. 

Especially target getting rid of high fat, highly processed foods (even if they aren't your traditional "junk" foods). Blocks of full fat cheese and processed crackers when you're a cheeseaholic aren't going to help you win your battle.

3) Get the right clothing and shoes for the exercise program you choose. If you're uncomfortable when you work out, chances are you aren't going to do it. 

4) Plan your days. Making sure you never go food shopping on an empty stomach will keep you from buying the foods you want to avoid. If you know you're going to be out running errands, take a snack with you so you don't get overly hungry. With a little planning, hunger will be kept at bay and you'll be much less inclined to make poor eating choices.

5) Get a journal so you can keep progress of how you are doing. There are phone apps that easily help track foods eaten, your weight, your measurements, along with exercise tracking so that everything you need is literally at your fingertips.

Apps we've used and loved:

My Fitness Pal

Probably the most popular because it has an extensive database but also allows you to share your progress and milestones easily via social media.


My Diet Coach

This one not only tracks calories and exercise, but it adds a cute reward by giving you a mini cartoon version of yourself. You can customize the hair color, eyes, etc. and you earn different clothing and accessories to dress mini-you in as you reach milestones or complete tasks (like tracking every day for a set period of time).


Container Tracker

If you're doing the Beach Body 21 Day Fix, this app makes it super easy to track your containers. It also figures out how much of each color container (and the sizes if you decide to make them yourself) you need based on information about yourself that you input.


My Net Diary

Much like My Fitness Pal, but we found it more intuitive and easier to use. It also seemed to have a more complete food database (based on foods we chose). The Pro version allows you to sync over multiple devices.


iTrack Bites

This is a Points Tracker for those of you on the Weight Watchers plan. It also tracks activity and calories. You can upgrade to suit what you need (restaurant tracker, beer guide, snack guide). If you've used the WW mobile app and had it crash, not let you log in, had it tell you that you don't have an internet connection or numerous other complaints by users like us then switch to this one. You won't be disappointed. Why Weight Watchers can't do this is still a mystery, especially when they push mobile as being a primary reason to fork over a monthly fee. Yes, some of us are still bitter. Thankfully there are other companies that do it right.


Whichever apps or journaling method you use, stick with it. It can be done and your health is a priority...always.




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