Pregnancy Body Changes at 40 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you're 40 weeks pregnant, you've made it to your due date. 95 percent of babies are born either in the two week period before or after their due date.

Each care provider has specific instructions about when to call and when to come in to the birthing center or hospital, as well as what to eat or drink in early labor. If no instructions have been provided, now is the time to ask for them.

Usually care providers want to see you when your contractions are regular and less than four to five minutes apart.

At the end of your 42nd week, your pregnancy is post term. Your doctor will probably order testing, just to be certain that there is still good utero-placental circulation.

This testing can involve a non-stress test and/or a contraction stress test or a biophysical profile.

After nine months of doctor's visits, large clothing, physical discomfort and joyous expectation you are finally reaching the last stages of pregnancy – labor and delivery. Click below for information from the medical panel of specialists as they take you step by step through the process of labor and birth.

Your Baby's Growth at 40 Weeks

By the beginning of this trimester your baby will be building fat stores and muscle mass. Your baby's hair will be growing, replacing the lanugo that protected her skin in the womb.

By the end of this trimester your baby will be approximately 7 pounds in weight and about 20 inches long. Your baby's lungs mature right up to birth.

If you haven't packed your hospital bag, now is the time to do it. Our Labor-Delivery Needs Checklist is a complete printable list of everything you'll need to have on hand for your labor and hospital stay. Remember to take advantage of coupons and freebies that manufacturer's give away.

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