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The Third Trimester

The Third Trimester of Pregnancy - Get week to week information, labor and delivery facts and checklists you'll need in months 6 through 9.

The Third Trimester

Welcome to your third trimester of pregnancy, you're in the home stretch! As your pregnancy progresses, your doctor will need to monitor your blood pressure and weight.

It will also remain very important to monitor the baby's heartbeat and movements. During your last month of pregnancy, you will have weekly doctor visits.

By now you may long for a good night's rest, especially if after falling asleep you wake up with leg cramps. Try these tips to help eliminate cramps:

* Exercise helps! Walking keeps your circulation going.
* Do not stand in the same position for a long period.
* Increase your calcium intake through diet or supplements.
* When lying down, keep your legs a bit elevated.
* When a cramp comes on, flex your toes upward to relieve the spasm and use your hands to apply pressure to the affected muscle.

Remember to keep track of your little one's movements and call your doctor or midwife if you notice any drop in frequency or change in the pattern. In the 40th week of pregnancy, you will reach your due date. 95 percent of babies are born either in the two week period before or after their due date.

For even more on your third trimester, from more week by week changes to baby showers, check out the rest of the Third Trimester Pregnancy section below!





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