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Adjusting to Your New Life After Your Baby is Born

After Your Baby is Born post birth advice on how to make the transition to being a new parent easier

Adjusting to Your New Life After Your Baby is Born

Your baby’s arrival is just around the corner, and the stage is all set. All that remains is labor, delivery, post-birth recovery, then…. Then what? Having a baby only changes or rearranges everything right down to furniture placement and showering habits.

Looking forward to your baby’s birth so that the pregnancy can be put in the past and life can return to normal is naïve in the extreme. Life after having a baby means life with a baby. Post-birth recovery is only the first step towards a new normal, because what constituted normal before pregnancy is now well and truly gone.

And that is not a bad thing.

Key Points

  • Your sleep schedule will be thrown off-course for a long time.
  • Make sure to eat and drink enough, especially if you're breastfeeding.
  • Remember that the tough days will pass, even if they feel like they won't!

What to Expect

Sleep Time

Sleep is one of the most dramatically effected elements of life with a newborn. Unfortunately getting adequate amounts of rest also plays a significant role in a speedy post-birth recovery. For those first few weeks mom should wear her PJ’s 24/7 and plan on getting a snooze anytime her baby will allow it.

Getting those Zs is important because the body heals while at rest. Poor sleep habits during the post-partum period are also a major contributor to PPD (Post Partum Depression).

Meal Time

Like it or not, if you are breastfeeding you are still eating for two. This means that your baby and your body are reliant upon every morsel you put into your mouth. A speedy post birth recovery will not be achieved on a diet composed of Doritos and chocolate. 

As nice as junk food is, it should be eaten sparingly, as a small part of the daily diet. Fruits, veggies, and water will help get energy levels up and keep bowel movements on track, which your perineum will greatly appreciate.

Iron is also an essential nutrient in order to get your hematocrit to healthy levels and keep your baby’s blood oxygen levels where they need to be.

Back to Work Time

If mom is going back to work, then each day spent at home is that much more precious. Don’t be tempted to dither the time away doing unnecessary things. 

Hold the baby, rock them to sleep, and sing them lullabies. The time doesn’t last long and looking back it’s the way parents wish they had spent their time if they could have a do-over.

Staying Home?

If mom has decided to stay home with baby, then she needs to prepare in other ways. New moms often feel isolated, frustrated, and overwhelmed, but in conjunction with this is the all-encompassing guilt that these ugly emotions are clouding what should be a time of bliss. 

First off, feelings of being less than perfectly happy all the time when facing new motherhood is normal.  Every mother, at some point, has had the thought “What have I gotten myself into?”.  Know this is normal and join a mother’s group. 

Surrounding yourself with a supportive and understanding group of women who are in the same phase of life goes a long way towards helping you deal with your feelings.  

In addition to establishing new routines that include your baby’s needs, your new normal needs to create time for mom and dad individually as well as a couple. One of the most tragic mistakes new parent make is sacrificing couple-hood to parenthood. Remember to maintain an identity as a couple in addition to embracing your new parental roles.

Remember That The Hard Times Will Pass

Having a newborn comes with many special moments and joyous times. It also comes with plenty of stress and a variety of challenges. When the going gets tough, remember that your baby won't be a newborn forever. This is a bittersweet fact.

On one hand, your baby will grow up and your time with them as a young child is limited. The times of quietly rocking them and singing to them won't last forever. On the other hand, eventually your child will grow into a proper sleep pattern and will no longer be waking you up in the middle of the night.

There will be times when it feels like sleepless nights will never end. Remember that millions of parents before you have been in this exact position, and they've all made it out just fine. You will, too. Take time for yourself when you can. There's nothing wrong with letting grandma and grandpa look after the baby for a little while so you can get some much-needed rest.

We have plenty of other articles on our site that cover life with a baby. We also have articles on pregnancy and raising an older child. We can help you through all stages of your child's life, so that you never feel alone. Congratulations on your new baby!

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