Language is arguably the most powerful form of communication. People use words to not only share information but convey various forms of feelings and emotions. There are different categories of words performing specific grammatical duties. One such classification is adjectives.

Adjectives are defined as words that modify or describe a noun. For example, such wording or phrasing describes a person's or object's internal or visual qualities. Language experts maintain that adjectives tend to spice up language and make spoken word more interesting and entertaining. Here is a healthy list of adjectives that start with A.

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Adjectives That Start With A

  • Awesome – great, significant, an inspiring individual, object, or event
  • Active – moving, exercising, being in motion
  • Adorable – sightly, appealing, cute, pleasant to the eye
  • Abominable – disgusting, terrible, bad, creating anger and frustration
  • Agonizing – painful, hurtful, precipitating discomfort and uneasiness
  • Aloof – apart, alone, one remaining distant and away
  • Absolute – complete, total, all, in its entirety
  • Alienated – shunned, isolated, estranged, one who is deliberately left out or excluded
  • Adolescent – youthful, teenage, childish behavior or attitudes
  • Accommodating – helpful, attentive, caring, cognizant of the needs and desires of others
  • Affluent – wealthy, well off, a comfortable, lavish lifestyle
  • Appreciative – thankful, grateful, feeling blessed
  • Attentive – astute, aware, cognizant of one's surroundings and others feelings
  • Artless – dull, plain, naive, lacking creativity
  • Adept – skilled, masterful, talented, the ability to absorb knowledge
  • Alarmed – worried, uneasy, scared, frightened
  • Absorbed – occupied, completely involved in a given hobby or vocation
  • Astute – intelligent, gifted, inane ability to evaluate and simplify complex topics
  • Antique – aged, old, holding significant monetary, historical, or sentimental value
  • Azure – a shade of blue, also often used to describe objects like the sky
  • Appetizing – desirable, appealing, tasty, most often used when referencing foods but could
    also relate to favorable situations or circumstances
  • Authentic – true, real, original, genuine, sometimes used to describe honest and sincere
  • Alluring – dark, seductive, sultry, attracting, desirable
  • Ailing – sickly, not feeling well, disease-stricken
  • Adaptable – flexible, easy going, able to adapt to changing, difficult, or different
  • Apathetic – uncaring, lacking emotion, unconcerned with the feelings of others
  • Austere – basic, plain, stingy
  • Athletic – strong, muscular, physically fit, obtaining significant exercise
  • Adventurous – one demonstrating wanderlust, exploring, unafraid of the unfamiliar
  • Ancestral – related to one's family, persons or objects that can be traced back to one's
  • Accessible – easily reachable, available, within attainable limits
  • Abysmal – the bottom, bad, horrible
  • Aggravating – frustrating, difficult, bringing forth anger and other negative emotions
  • Ashamed – embarrassed, guilt-ridden, afraid to revisit past transgressions
  • Acclaimed – honored, respected, celebrated by one's peers
  • Academic – scholastic, referencing educational institutions like colleges and universities
  • Articulate – well-spoken, able to effectively communicate using words
  • Agile – physically flexible, powerful, easily movable, also refers to mental ability
  • Abundant – large quantity, plentiful, harvest
  • Affable – possessing a friendly nature, kind, good-spirited
  • Astounding – amazing, unbelievable, positive, hard to understand in a good way
  • Asinine – foolish, idiotic, nonsensical
  • Abrasive – having a rough surface, rude, blunt, irritating
  • Afraid – scared, worried, frightened. timid
  • Accredited – official, recognized, reputable, often used to reference establishments like
    academic institutions
  • Analytical – one applying attributes like reason and logic before rendering important
  • Artistic – creative, gifted, talented, expressive
  • Advanced – developed, ahead of others, often used in terms of a nation's economic or
    technological skills or accomplishments
  • Affectionate – showing a likeness or fondness for another person or being
  • Altruistic – caring, giving, wanting to help those in need
  • Avid – holding an extreme like or interest in, often used to describe one's participation
    in a hobby or vocation
  • Annoying – purposefully irritating, provoking, ingratiating, agitating
  • Atrocious – disgusting, sickening, terrible
  • Apprehensive – tentative, scared, nervous, anxious
  • Accurate – on point, factual, correct
  • Autocratic – ruling, domineering, one holding prominent individual power
  • August – commanding respect, an impressive background
  • Authoritative – knowledgeable, trusted, a respected source
  • Ambitious – driven, determined, yearning to succeed
  • Animated – emotional, in motion, often used to describe one's demeanor or actions
  • Amusing – funny, entertaining, pleasantly appealing
  • Angelic – kind, gentle, caring
  • Anarchistic – disobeying, non-conformist, going against established rules or expectations
  • Appalling – wrong, awful, offensive, anger-inducing
  • Awkward – uncomfortable, uneasy, unusual
  • Arbitrary – random, chance, luck, without formula
  • Amorous – love, strong sexual desire, displaying major sexual or physical attraction
  • Abiding – conforming, following, obeying, often used to describe honest and lawful people
  • Affiliated – like, akin to, associated with, following, often employed to reference one's
    religious or political associations
  • Ample – large supply, abundant, more than enough
  • Aglow – bright, shining, favorable, healthy looking, attractive, appealing
  • Advisable – wise, prudent, appropriate, the proper action to take
  • Advantageous – beneficial, helpful, giving one a specific and established edge
  • Ablaze – on fire, alight, illuminated
  • Aristocratic – royal, regal, holding a stately lineage
  • Apropos – proper, right, acceptable behavior
  • Awaited – anticipated, longing, something worth waiting for

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