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Brinley as a given name is rather unique. In the United States it wasn't until 2009 that it cracked the top 1000 baby girl names. It has been making steady progress up the list, peaking at number 326 in 2017. Brinley has a history of being a boy's name as well, although, it isn't in the top 1000 boy names it should be considered a unisex name.

Meaning of the name Brinley:

Old English: Burnt meadow, burned clearing

Origin of the name Brinley:

English. Brinley was originally an English surname. It was the name of a town with the meaning “burnt clearing” or “burnt meadow”.

Symbolism of the name Brinley:

With the meaning “burnt meadow”, Brinley symbolizes starting over or a rebirth. When a meadow is burned the vegetation tends to come back healthier and stronger than before.

Style of the name Brinley:


Gender of the name Brinley:

Brinley is often given to baby girls, but it is also given to baby boys, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Pronunciation of the name Brinley:


Syllables in the name Brinley:


Emotion evoked from the name Brinley:

The name Brinley evokes a feeling of hope and awakening.

Alternative spellings for the name Brinley:

Brynlee, Brynleigh, Brinleigh,

Nicknames for the name Brinley:

Brin, Bryn, Lee, Leigh,

Popularity of the name Brinley:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Brinley was ranked as the 362nd most popular girl name in 2020. Brinley has only been in the top 1000 names since 2009, reaching its highest ranking of 326th in 2017. As a boy's name, it has yet to rank in the top 1000 boy names.

Related names for the name Brinley:

Brynlee, Brynn, Bryn, Brinsley

Great middle names for Brinley and their meanings:

  • Bay (berry)
  • Cameron (crooked river)
  • Haven (safe harbor)
  • Kai (sea, earth, willow tree)
  • Pace (peace)
  • Shae (admirable)

Famous people with the name Brinley:

Brinley in movies/pop culture:


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