As a responsible parent, it's important to provide clear and concise instructions to your babysitter in case of emergencies. This comprehensive checklist allows you to fill out important details such as emergency contact information, medical information, and allergies, evacuation plans. By filling out this checklist, you'll equip your babysitter with all the necessary information to handle emergencies confidently and swiftly. Let's dive into our emergency checklist, ensuring a prepared and secure environment for your child under the care of a responsible babysitter.

Key Points

  • Be sure to fill out your information in this checklist completely and go over it with your babysitter before leaving your child.
  • While this checklist includes important information, be sure to include other details that may help your child's caregiver in the event of an emergency.
  • Update this checklist if any of the information changes or anything new needs to be added.

Babysitter Information Sheet

Parent’s Names:
Full Address:

Nearby Landmarks when giving directions:

Home Phone Number:
Dad’s Cell Phone:
Mom’s Cell Phone:

Children (names and ages):

Important Medical Info:

Child Allergies / Medical Conditions to be aware of

Emergency Contacts (name, relationship, and phone number):

Our nearest neighbors if you need help are (name, number, location)

Local Police Phone Number:
Poison Control:
Emergency – 911

Today we are going to:

We will return by:

Special notes:

Reminder for parents: before you leave, get the full name, cell phone number, home phone number, make of car, and license plate number of your sitter, and take this information with you, for safety’s sake.

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