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These Are All The Checklists You’ll Ever Need


These Are All The Checklists You’ll Ever Need

For those of us who are still pen and paper list writers, apps just don't give us that “I'm organized” feeling. Enter printable checklists. They'll help to keep you organized and sane.

Why try to remember everything you need to do for a big event or a small grocery shopping trip when you can easily print out a complete list of what you need to do or buy? Use our handy checklists for all the big and small things in your life and you'll be more organized in no time, without forgetting a thing!


Free Printable Checklists

Other Ways to Stay Organized

Staying organized can be tough. With so much to do and so much to keep track of, it can quickly get overwhelming. In addition to keeping checklists, making use of your phone's Reminders app is a great idea. This app can send you notifications a certain amount of time before an event, so that you won't forget about it. You can use this for appointments, paying bills, your kids' games or concerts, or anything else you don't want to forget.

Speaking of bills, set as many of your bills to auto-pay as you can. This will be one less thing for you to worry about. Of course, continue monitoring all of your bills to ensure they do get paid. While it is rare, sometimes there are issues with payment processing or other technical problems, and your payment won't go through. If you can, set your auto-payment for several days in advance of the bill's due date. This way, you'll have enough time to make a manual payment if the auto-payment doesn't work.

Try to spread your appointments out over the course of several weeks if you can. Scheduling a bunch of appointments for the same week will quickly get confusing. As your kids get older, they can keep track of their own appointments to help you out. Try to get doctor appointments out of the way before the holiday season; trying to fit an appointment in during the busiest time of the year is not advisable.

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