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Celebrate the Snow!

Celebrate the snow! If you live on the east coast you’re probably already sick of the snow, however remember all the excitement that you used to feel at the sight of snow when you were a youngster? Here are a few ways to enjoy the snow again with your little ones.

Along with the obvious snow activities like sledding or skiing, here are a few more games that require little more than just your bodies to enjoy them.

Eskimo Jumping Race

– Line everyone up at a starting place. Have them fold their arms across their chests, knees rigid, and feet close together. Jump forward in short jumps. The course may be as long as you choose.

Fox and Geese

– Make a large circle (15 to 30 feet in diameter) in the snow. Cross the circle with lines like spokes in a wheel. Divide the guests into two teams: foxes and geese. The geese disperse around the rim of the wheel and one goose in each den or area between the spokes. A fox stands in the center of the wheel. As the fox runs after the geese to tag them, the geese run along the spokes or rim of the wheel to another den, where they are safe. Players may not run outside the wheel. When a goose is tagged, he becomes the fox.

Snow Crab Race

– Divide players into teams (the teams will depend on the number of sleds you have available). Each racer lies on his stomach on a sled. Set the goal line. At a given signal the contestants push the sleds forward with their hands. No contestant may use his feet to make the sled go forward. The flatter the terrain, the better.

Snow Sculpture Contest

– Time contestants to see who can make a sculpture the fastest. Or give awards for the biggest, most creative, longest, or highest.

Snowman Dressing Contest

– Provide props for your guests to dress the snowmen: old scarves, hats, glasses, shoes, jewelry, etc. Give prizes for the funniest or the most elegant.

Snow Painting

– Gather old spray bottles, clean them out carefully, and fill them with water. Add different shades of food coloring to each bottle. Let kids share bottles as they create a mural together or make individual paintings on the snow.



Games borrowed from: The Penny Whistle Any Day is a Holiday Party Book