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Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn



Home Remedies for Sunburn

While the best thing to do is avoid over-exposure to the sun, we all slip up sometimes. Either we forget to reapply after swimming, or we thought we applied enough but the sun powered right through a too-low SPF, or we forgot to bring sunscreen because we didn't think we'd be out long enough to to get burned. 

If you do end up with a nasty burn and are faced with painful redness and peeling, you can ease the pain and discomfort. The number one recommendation by doctors is to slather on hydrocortisone cream and apply cold compresses every hour or so. To ease the pain and swelling you can also take aspirin or ibuprofen.

Another highly recommended treatment is pure Aloe Vera gel, favored by the American Academy of Dermatology

If you don't have aloe vera, try any of these 5 proven natural remedies for when you've overdone the sun.

Chamomile Tea

hamomile tea is often used as an anti-inflammatory. For sunburns, brew the tea, chill it in the freezer (don't let it get frozen though) and soak a soft cloth in it. To make a compress. Apply to sunburned skin until the compress is no longer cool. Chamomile  tea has well-known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that helps the skin heal and feel better quickly.

Ice Packs and Hydration

Ice packs are always recommended for swelling and are a go-to treatment for burns. You can make a homemade ice pack by filling a zip-lock bag with ice, then placing it inside a t-shirt or other soft, thin fabric. Drink lots of water to rehydrate yourself and your skin. 

Raw Potato Paste

Raw potatoes have natural starches that help draw heat out of your skin. To make a paste to apply to your skin:

*Peel 2 to 4 large potatoes (depending on how large an area you've burned) and cut them into small chunks.

*Place The chunks in a blender, a handful at a time to avoid clogging, until a paste is formed.  

*Apply the paste on the affected skin and let it dry. Rinse off in a cool shower once the paste is thoroughly dried.

*Repeat the application daily until the pain and redness are gone.

Raw Apple Cider and White Vinegars

The acetic acid found in vinegar helps to reduce pain, and inflammation. Bragg's is best, keep it on hand for dozens of other natural uses.


To use: Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to a cool bath and soak in it. 


White vinegar can also work by dabbing it on to your sunburn with vinegar soaked cotton for 20 minutes of instant pain relief. 

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has long been used to heal damaged skin. It can help reduce inflammation and relieve the pain of sunburn. Apply it directly to your sunburn by soaking cotton or a soft cloth.

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