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What Do MyPlate Guidelines Say About Protein?


What Do MyPlate Guidelines Say About Protein?

The MyPlate guidelines are from the USDA; the goal of MyPlate is to help Americans eat a balanced diet each day. MyPlate is a successor to the food pyramid, which was believed for years to be the optimum way to teach healthy eating. MyPlate is believed to be even easier to understand.

Key Points

  • You need to eat between two and seven ounces of protein per day.
  • Protein is usually easy to get. Vegetarians and vegans will have difficulty with this food group.
  • Introduce protein into your meals throughout the day.

MyPlate Protein Guidelines

MyPlate guidelines recommend eating between two ounces and seven ounces of protein each day, depending on age and gender. There are many options out there for protein, making it one of the easiest food groups to tackle. Meats, poultry, and seafood are all great ways to get your protein.

Vegetarians and vegans will have a harder time getting their protein in for the day. Vegetarians can eat eggs to get enough protein, while vegans will need to focus on nuts, beans, peas, and lentils. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, talk to your doctor about ensuring you get enough protein each day.

Dinner is usually when many Americans get their protein for the day, but breakfast and lunch are good opportunities as well. Bacon and sausage can help you get a good start. Have a sandwich with deli meat for lunch, and finish the day with some poultry, meat, or seafood.

Usually, you will not have a hard time getting your children to eat protein. Many kids love eating chicken and beef. Make a nice recipe with lots of flavor to make it extra easy on you. With a little planning, it can be very easy to get your protein for the day.


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