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What Are MyPlate’s Recommendations For Kids’ Sugar Intake?


What Are MyPlate’s Recommendations For Kids’ Sugar Intake?

MyPlate is a system of guidelines released by the USDA to help Americans eat better. Eating a balanced diet every day can be tough, especially without a good system to help you. That's why having MyPlate in your arsenal can be so helpful. In this article, we'll go over MyPlate's recommended ways to reduce your sugar intake.

Key Points

  • Cutting back on soda is an easy way to reduce your kids' sugar intake.
  • Sugar is okay in moderation, but too much of it is not good for your children.
  • Cut desserts in half.

Reducing Your Kids' Sugar Intake

Added sugars are tough to avoid, especially with kids. They're in so many different foods, even ones that seem healthy. Granola bars and fruit snacks may seem like better options than pudding or cookies, but when you look at the amount of added sugar inside things get murkier.

A great way to start reducing your child's sugar intake is to cut back on the sugary drinks. Soda is great, but in moderation. Lemonade often has a lot of sugar added into it to tame the tartness. Choose better drink options, like water, juice, or milk. Avoid chocolate milk, as that often has a lot of added sugar.

You don't have to eliminate dessert completely from your child's diet. Give them half-sized portions instead. They'll still get their sweet treat, but in an amount that isn't going to destroy their diet. Half a slice of cake or just one pudding cup instead of two is a great way to go.

When you can, choose desserts that are marked as “low sugar”. These are going to be better for your child's diet. Be careful that they don't consume too much of a low sugar dessert, however. The artificial sweeteners used in place of added sugar can cause some mild side effects if consumed in too great a quantity.


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