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Check Out This Printable Chore Chart – Ages 9 to 11

Check Out This Printable Chore Chart – Ages 9 to 11

If you're assigning chores to your child, check out this printable chore chart to give them. Hang it up on the fridge, or place it somewhere else where it won't get lost and is easily accessible to a young child.

Chores for Children – Ages 9-11



Child's Name _______________




Make Bed 
Clean and Dust Bedroom 
Vacuum Bedroom 
Put Groceries Away 
Set Table  
Clear Dinner Table 
Clean & Put Dishes Away 
Empty Bathroom & Kitchen Trash 
Take Trash Out 
Fold Own Laundry 
Wipe Bathroom Counters 

Tips for Giving Children Chores

If you've got a child you need to give chores to, check out these tips to make the process smooth and easy for all of you:

Don't overdo it. Too much of anything is a bad thing, chores included. Giving your child too many chores will leave them tired, cranky, and overwhelmed. It may also take time away from their ability to relax or do their homework. Try to limit your nine to eleven-year old's chore time to one hour maximum per day. That doesn't have to be consecutive, but any more than an hour and your child will likely be overwhelmed.

Keep their chores relatively simple. Your child, at this age, is still too young to handle more complicated chores like mowing the lawn or cleaning larger appliances, like the oven. Vacuuming a room or two, dusting some surfaces, and doing the dishes are appropriate chores for children this age.

Show your children how you want the chores done. Your child isn't born with the knowledge of how to vacuum or do dishes. The first time they do them, help them so they can learn how to do each chore properly. Exercise patience while they learn, but hold them to the expectation that they will pay attention and try to learn.

Gradually increase the amount of chores your child has. Giving them three or four new chores at once will likely leave them feeling overwhelmed. Introduce new chores one at a time, with a week or two in between each. This will give them time to feel adjusted and to learn each new chore.

Don't let them handle expensive or especially fragile objects. Children that are this young shouldn't be handling especially fragile or expensive objects, such as vases, high-end dishes, or antiques. Don't send them to dust these objects, unless you want a high risk of them being toppled and broken.

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