Improve Your Child's School Success

One of the most important components of your child's scholastic success is your involvement. An involved parent who pitches in to their child's education both at school and at home is an invaluable resource and a strong predictor of success. That is because it is imperative that children receive similar levels of support and feedback at home and at school.

Good parenting provides the foundation for your child's success at school and good teaching can help to further that success, but when parents, teacher, and child can work together to achieve their learning goals the results are often amazing. Still, there can sometimes be friction between parents and teachers as they try to learn to navigate what is best for the child together. For that reason it is important to consider your approach carefully and try not to interfere in the classroom unless you are asked to by the teacher.

Parent Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher relationships are dependant on good communication, just like any other relationship. As a parent, you want your child's teacher to hear what you have to say about your child and your goals for her, but you need to recognize the teacher's right to be heard as well (and vice versa of course). Take the time to introduce yourself to your child's teacher and communicate regularly with him or her via their preferred method. Many teachers prefer email, which can be answered at their leisure and without interrupting educational business. Keep it to just a few times per term as you don't want to pester the teacher.

When you check in with your child's teacher ask how your child is doing and whether there have been any changes in behavior or performance that you should know about. Your child's teacher can often clue you into important information about your child simply because they see a different side of him or her at school than you do at home.

Volunteering at School

Another way to involve yourself in your child's success is to volunteer at the school or in the classroom. There are usually lots of opportunities to do this and it is a great help to both your child and the school itself. Remember that the school needs to be success for your child to be a success so if you can help by assisting with fundraising or chaperoning a field trip, then you are ultimately contributing to your child's education as well as that of their classmates.

Preparing Your Child to Succeed

Finally, you can be involved in your child's schooling simply by engaging with your child and properly preparing them for each day. Make sure that you check your child's grades, that you know what they are studying and how they are doing, and that you help them accomplish it. This can be done in as simple a fashion as making sure your child goes off to school rested, fed, and with completed homework. A child that is properly prepared to face their day will be much more likely to achieve success as a result of your care.


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