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The 8 Largest School Districts In Ohio Are Massive

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The 8 Largest School Districts In Ohio Are Massive

According to current data, Ohio ranks #36 in the nation when it comes to education. Education and a child's academic success are important for parents when choosing where their child should attend. Sometimes, a larger school system can mean better education with more funding. Other times, it can mean that the school system is stretched too thin and students do not perform well. There are so many different factors that can make a school or school district successful or unsuccessful.

Today, we're taking a look at Ohio's largest school districts and how they rank. In this case, because Ohio scores so low in the nation as far as education, the majority of these school districts will have low rankings. But, there are a few that shine through. So if you live in Ohio and have students in the public school system, taking a look at these school districts might help you decide where they can receive a good education.

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Ohio school reports show that they have a graduation rate of 85%.

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Columbus City School District

The Columbus City School District has 45,547 students from preschool through 12th grade. Although the largest district, they have a good student-teacher ratio of 15:1. Even so, the average score for reading proficiency is 26% and math proficiency is 15%. Overall, the district is graded a C-, nevertheless, they score well if your children are active in sports. They received an A- for sports and are ranked #50 of 608 in school districts for athletes in the state.

Cincinnati City School District

The Cincinnati City School District has 35,820 students from preschool through 12th grade. They have a student-teacher ratio of 18:1. This District scores better than Columbus with a 36% reading proficiency score and 25% math proficiency score. Even though their academics are graded a C+, The district was graded a B- for having higher scores in the clubs and college preparation categories.

Cleveland Municipal School District

The Cleveland Municipal School District is not far behind Cincinnati with 35,319 students preschool through 12th grade. They have a student-teacher ratio of 15:1. The District scores very low with 20% in reading proficiency and 9% in math proficiency. Overall, the District received a C. Their academics score low, but their teachers and administration categories score a B which is what brought their average grade up to a C.

Olentangy Local School District

The Olentangy Local School District is in Lewis Center, Ohio. Serving students from preschool through 12th grade, they have 22,557 students in this District. Their student-teacher ratio is 20:1 and they are the first District on this list to receive great scores. They score 84% in reading proficiency and 81% in math proficiency. Their average grade for the district is a beautiful A+ scoring A's in the following categories; academics, teachers, clubs and activities, college preparation, and administration.

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If there aren't any good public school options in your area, private or charter schools could be an option for your child to receive a better education.

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Toledo City School District

The Toledo City School District has 22,049 students from grades preschool to 12th grade. Their student-teacher ratio is 15:1. They score low in academic testing with 24% reading proficiency and 15% math proficiency. Overall, the District is graded a C. Although their academics received a C-, categories like clubs, activities, and administration were graded B's which is what brings their average grade up to a C.

South-Western City School District

The South-Western City School District is in Grove City, OH. They serve 21,699 students from grades preschool to 12th grade. Their student-teacher ratio is 18:1 and they score down the middle in reading and math proficiencies. Their reading proficiency is 48% and 40% in math. The district overall was graded a B-. Although they have a C+ in academics, their teacher and college preparation categories scored B's which is what brought up their total average grade.

Akron City School District

The Akron City School District has 20,938 students in grades preschool through 12th grade. Their student-teacher ratio is 14:1 and they score on the lower end for math and reading proficiencies. They scored 22% for math proficiency and 30% for reading. Six of the eight categories that they are graded on received C's, and two received B's bringing their average grade to a C+.

Lakota Local School District

The Lakota Local School District is located in Liberty Township, OH. They serve 17,096 students from grades preschool to 12th grade. They have the largest gap in student-teacher ratio at 25:1 but overall score an A! In proficiencies, they scored 72% in reading and 68% in math. They scored A's in the academics, teachers, sports, administration, and college preparation categories. They scored a B in clubs and activities.

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