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The 4 Worst Schools In Minnesota Today

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The 4 Worst Schools In Minnesota Today

If you live in Minnesota or are planning to move to the area, then you might want to avoid these four schools. From elementary school to college, we're going to cover some of the worst schools in Minnesota.

Each category of school is going to be measured differently to determine why they are the worst. For college, two of the biggest factors include graduation rate and salary earned by students after graduation. For high school, graduation rates and test scores will show you if a school is successful. Middle school and elementary school success can be seen from test scores.

Today, we are going to take a look at the White Earth Tribal and Community College, Minnesota Internship Center – Unity Campus, Scitech Academy Middle School, and Skyline Match and Science Academy.

White Earth Tribal and Community College

The number one thing to look at to see if a college is successful is its graduation rate. According to CollegeSimply, White Earth Tribal and Community College has a graduation rate of 9.3%. Located in Mahnomen, Minnesota, White Earth Tribal is a small private two-year college with undergraduate-level studies. Founded in 1997, this school was created to serve the White Earth Reservation, offering certificate programs, associate degree programs, and continued education opportunities.

White Earth Tribal has an open admissions policy, which means students with a high school degree or GED will be accepted. The annual tuition to attend is approximately $3,750. This does not include the cost of books and supplies, which is typically around $2,000.

The largest and most common majors they offer are Liberal Arts and Humanities. After graduation, students go on to earn between $11,000 and $18,000 annually.

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Graduating high school is an important accomplishment that can affect students' futures.

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Minnesota Internship Center – Unity Campus

The Minnesota Internship Center – Unity Campus is a high school located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On Niche.com, they received an overall grade of D-. This grade comes from the grading of subcategories that include academics, teachers, clubs and activities, sports, facilities, diversity, college preparation, food, and administration. Although clubs, activities, and sports were not graded, they received a D+ in academics, a D in administration, a C+ in teachers and college preparation, and a C+ in diversity and facilities.

This school serves approximately 105 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 26 to 1. Also, approximately 40% of their teachers are in their first or second year, which might be what plays into the C- grade they received in that category.

The graduation rate for this school is very low at 29%. The state average for Minnesota is 83%. Their ACT participation rate is also low at 33%. The state average for Minnesota is 79%.

Scitech Academy Middle School

Scitech Academy Middle School also received a D- on Niche.com. Located in Richfield, Minnesota, they are a public charter school for sixth to eighth-grade students. Although there are missing scores for some of the graded categories, they received a D+ in academics and a C- in diversity.

Scitech is a small school that serves approximately 65 students and has a student-to-teacher ratio of 22 to 1. The students' scores are very low at Scitech, not even coming close to the state average. Approximately 3% of their students are proficient in math, while the state average is 45%. For reading, approximately 5% of students are proficient, whereas the state average is 51%. In science, they don't even hit the charts and come in at less than 1% of students being proficient when the state average is 41%.

On GreatSchools.org, Scitech is rated a 2/10. This means that the students who attend Scietech are making significantly less academic progress than they were in the previous year, as well as compared to students their age in the state.

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Starting off education strong in elementary will impact the future education of a student. If your students are struggling academically, tutoring is a great thing to consider.

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Skyline Math and Science Academy

On Niche.com, Skyline Math and Science Academy received a D-. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they have students from kindergarten through sixth grade. They serve approximately 230 students and have a student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. Although there are missing scores for some of the graded categories, their C- in academics and diversity, as well as low test scores, give them their overall grade of D-.

On GreatSchools.org, Skyline received a 3/10 rating. Their students are currently making average progress in academics compared to where they were last year. But they still have low test scores. This means that despite their test scores, they are keeping up with their peers regarding progress, just starting at a lower point.

Their test scores in math, reading, and science are low across the board. Approximately 8% of Skyline students are proficient in math, whereas the state average is 45%. In reading, 25% of students are proficient, while the state average is 51%. Lastly, approximately 12% of students are proficient in science, whereas the state average is 41%.

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