Neatness, Accountability, and Responsibility

Make your Child CleanA child's room is their personal haven within the household. It is not only where they sleep, but where they play and live and retreat. It is important then, that your child be held responsible, over time, for the general state and appearance of that room. They are the ones using it and messing it up, after all.

Teaching your child to clean their own room at an early age is something that can be rewarding for you and your child over time as it will also help them gain important skills-ones that they will be able to transfer and apply to other tasks in time. It will help your child begin to take on responsibility and accountability within the family unit.

Teaching your Child to Clean their Room

It is not enough, as a parent, to simply demand that your child clean their room and expect them to do it. A dirty, messy bedroom can be overwhelming even when you know what you are doing so it is important that you provide your child with a little guidance. Depending on how young your child is, they may even need a little assistance. Begin early to teach your child habits of responsibility when it comes to their space and their belongings.

Even a toddler can learn to understand the rule that we put one toy away before we take another toy out to play with. If you can instill that concept early then you will be on the right track. As your child grows enlist their help, in an age appropriate way, in cleaning their rooms.

Once they are old enough to handle it, you can make them responsible for cleaning their room regularly and completely. Before you hand over the reins, however, take the time to properly teach your child to handle their responsibility. Let the room get good and messy and then walk them through the process of cleaning it. At the end, you'll both feel a sense of accomplishment. Go ahead and celebrate with a nice treat. You want your child to remember the positive feelings that come with a clean room since you will be asking them to clean their space regularly from now on.

Learning Lessons of Accountability and Responsibility

Having regular chores like this can help your child learn to be responsible in small ways. Make sure that when you decide to ask them to clean their rooms that you make them accountable for completing the task. Set a regular deadline for the chore's completion and hold your children to it. In time, they will learn to meet that deadline without your interference. This will help them to take control of their space and be responsible for their actions within it.

Skills learned by regular room cleaning include organization and prioritization-two very important skills for when they start school and need to manage their homework responsibilities. These and other simple skills can be taught just by asking your child to clean their room and expecting them to do it.

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