Toss It!

What says fun more than a game of catch, with a fresh new twist?

Many of us look back with fond nostalgia on the party when we first tossed an egg. We remember the nervous tension following the announcement “find a partner!” Then the small time cheating that ensued as you and your partner bent as close to each other as possible, while taking the smallest measurable steps backward at each successful catch. Ahh, the nervousness as the egg zoomed through the air to your hands, and half uttered whispers of ‘please don’t let it break, at least not on me!’ Good times, Good times.

Let the good times roll right onto the next generation!

Items needed

Beyond the timeless hours you spend on catching and throwing lessons with your child there is really very little preparation required. For the most basic game all you need is similar objects for each pairing to toss. This can range from soft nerf type balls for the youngest tossers, to the more sophisticated use of eggs or water balloons for older tossers.

A few of the variations require nets or towels. If you have them they are fun, but not necessary.

Ages appropriate

Since this involves a lot of hand eye coordination this game is better for children 5 years of age or older. Teenagers will still find this game entertaining with a few added challenges.

How to play

The object of play is very simple! Stand facing your partner and toss the ball, balloon or egg to them. With each successful catch each partner takes a backwards step. As the egg or water balloons break the partnership is disqualified. The last team with in tact throwing objects wins.


For the youngest children this might be a very short game if the first dropped ball or broken egg eliminated them. Try a three strikes rule. This allows for drops and lets the game last more than 5 seconds.

For older kids, ages 12 plus, add a handicap, or additional tools. Have each pair stretch a towel between them. Then forbid the use of hands. In other words teams will use the towel to catch and then toss the balloon or egg to another pair. This really heightens the challenge and the fun. A special note if you add towels though is that you’ll also need more space. Any size of towel works. Beach or bath towels are the easiest to use, but a hand towel still works and is a real challenge.

Still not challenging enough try adding a net. The net that you find in a backyard badminton set is perfect. The balloon must then be thrown over the net, caught in a towel and then returned back over the net. All other rules still hold, the last team with unbroken tossing object wins!

No matter how or what you decide to toss, a new generation is waiting so go ahead, Toss It!



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