Spa Party Theme - The Living Room Spa:

Twist pink, blue and white streamers together, and hang them throughout the house and party room. Make a canopy over the table with streamers. They should be attached to the chandelier or ceiling, and come down over the chairs. Set up several beauty stations throughout the house, manicures at one, facials at another and manicures at a third. Group spa related items together on mirrored trays and use them as table toppers. Things like nail polish, wash cloths, eye masks, bottle of lotion, and hair care items will all fit the theme well. Draw goofy faces wearing face masks, cucumbers on their eyes, or eye masks and hang them around the party room. Make eye mask shaped place cards to put on the party table.

Spa Party Theme - Spa Luncheon:

Make various sandwiches on soft white bread. Cut the sandwiches into triangles, and cut the crusts off. Pile them on a platter to serve. Serve punch in a large glass punch bowl. Make or buy petit fours to serve along with the cake. To make them yourself, make a sheet cake, and cut out circles, diamonds and squares, frost and decorate. To make a spa face cake, bake a round cake. Once the cake is cool, frost it with white, light yellow or tan icing. This will be the skin of your face. Use a different color frosting, or candies to make the mouth and nose. For eyes, use green frosting to make cucumber slices, or you can use real cucumber slices, just be sure to take them off before serving! Use black licorice or black icing to make the eyebrows. Finish the cake off with a face mask. Powdered sugar sprinkled all over the cake, outlining the facial features.


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