Vacation Checklist



___ Make reservations (travel. lodging, events tickets)
___ Notify neighbor and/or police of itinerary, route & contact numbers
___ Purchase timers for lights, television, radio
___ Arrange for pet care
___ Arrange for yard care (watering, mowing, pool)
___ Arrange for mail & paper to be held or picked up
___ Buy travelers checks & pre-paid phone card if needed
___ Make sure everyone has a proper ID or passport
___ Pick out a current picture of your child to take with you
___ Pay bills or arrange for payment while away
___ Get all doctor, dentist or vision exams out of the way
___ Check locks on windows, doors, outbuildings and gates. Repair or replace


___ Gather any important phone numbers you may need
___ Make sure vehicle is tuned up and ready to go. Check spare & jack
___ Check First Aid kit for freshness and pack
___ Get maps of route and destination area
___ Have children pick out toys & games to take along
___ Mow, rake and water so house doesn’t look abandoned
___ Make sure garbage has been picked up & store container
___ Fill needed prescriptions

___ Pack essentials
___ Recheck baggage and eliminate non-essentials
___ Check for needed medications, eyeglasses, contact care
___ Unplug major appliances, iron, computer
___ Double check locks on windows, doors & outbuildings
___ Leave window coverings in their normal position
___ Set timers on lights, television, radio
___ Emptying refrigerator of perishables
___ Leave trash in neighbor’s bin
___ Leave key with trusted neighbor, don’t leave a key outside
___ Set thermostat appropriately to save money
___ Turn down temperature on water heater if away for significant time



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