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Easter Printout: “We’ve Been Egged!”

Easter printout

Easter Printout: “We’ve Been Egged!”

Who doesn't love a fun Easter Printout?  Here's a fun Idea for Kid's Easter enjoyment!  If you know me, I like anything sneaky and fun.  Here's our new Easter tradition! Kind of like “You've Been Boo'd” only Easter Style!  If you've ever wanted to egg someone's house, now is your chance.  Release the rebel inside!  But remember, this is the nice version! 🙂  Ditch this off at a neighbor's house with a dozen plastic eggs, run and hide!

You've Been Egged Printable


Easter Printout

“We've Been Egged” Easter printout also comes with a cute little poem:

Your house has been egged, but don’t be alarmed..

We’ve egged you with love, and nothing was harmed.

Now go find your eggs, there are 12 that we brought

We hope that we’ve made them easy to spot!


Enjoy your treat!  And here’s something more:

Tape this cute little egg to your window or door.

“Egging” is our special way to say “Happy Spring,”

There’s only one catch….You must do the same thing!


So think of a neighbor, teacher or cousin…

And egg them as well, with your own special dozen!

Be tricky and sneaky and make sure you have fun,

You’ve finished your deed when 2 houses have been done!

Remember that Easter is in March this year, so it's not too early to start egging your neighbors!  Besides, after the winter we have had this year, I think we are all in for some springtime fun!  You don't have to do plastic Easter eggs either, just do what's fun for you!

Easter Printout

INSTRUCTIONS for the “You've Been Egged” Easter Printout (If they aren't already obvious):

1.  Print off two copies

2. Pick 2 neighbors/friends/family members/co-workers

3.  Surprise them in your own unique way with a dozen eggs


We've Been Egged

Click Here to print the “We've Been Egged” Easter Printout

And right click and save the one below to attach to your Eggs:

You've Been Egged Easter Printable


What is Your Favorite Easter Tradition?

*Update: I ran across this adorable blog that had the idea of putting money in the eggs and “egging” neighbors or friends that are going through financial hardship!  Love that idea!

Check it out here: Year Round Giving

"You've Been Egged!" Printable. Such a fun way to celebrate the Easter season with your neighbors, or bring cheer to someone that needs it

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