A Buckle and Button Bow

Buckle and Button Bow

This is a quick and easy project that babies love!

Just one word of caution before the instructions: Babies do love this toy, but they also love to put things in their mouths. To be certain this does not become a choking hazard use very sturdy water resistant thread and choose objects which are large.

Items needed: 1 yard of 3-4 inch thick sturdy ribbon or a strip of fabric sewn and turned to make a 3-4 inch think strip one yard long; large buttons, jingle bells, ribbons and other interesting objects; needle and thread.

Assembly is easy! Just take your strip of ribbon or fabric along with your needle, Thread and pretty objects and sew them to the strip. It works best if all the buttons, ribbons and bells are on the same side. To add more challenge and interest add fringe in short 3 inch pieces along one side.

You can sew ribbons on at the mid point only so your child can practice tying and untying bows as they grow. Add a button hole to one end of the fabric strip so they can button and unbutton. Use a grommet to add a few grommets, the holes they make will keep little fingers busy and provide opportunities for peek-a-boo play. Include a few snaps for yet another element of play.

Other easy gift ideas for baby include: Quiet time books or blocks (your hardware store will cut them for you if you don't have the proper tools at home.)

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