Halloween Crafts for Kids


These Halloween crafts for kids are cute and so easy it’s scary!

Halloween falls at the beginning of the holiday and winter season. The days when you could banish your children’s boredom by sending them outside to play are, or soon will be, a memory until next spring. This in and of itself is more frightening to the heart of many parents than the ghosties and zombies that will soon accost the front porch seeking candy. Don’t worry, with a little preparation and creativity you may soon delight in the long cold days of winter so you can craft with your kids.

Ready? Get Set...Craft!

A few ground rules and basic supplies will make all the difference in the world between a successful crafting session, and a nightmare.

One crafts are messy. Children are also messy. Putting the two together is a perfect storm of paste, paint, miniscule pieces of paper and glitter that will soon be permanently adhered to your dining room table unless you take the necessary evasive action. You will find that an investment in disposable plastic table coverings, or a big stack of news print will be worth its weight in gold not only for mess prevention but also for easy clean up: just roll plastic table cloth up mess and all then toss it in the waste bin. Done. Other mess and stress savers include aprons, old t-shirts and in some cases latex gloves.

Now that the scary mess is tamed, basic supplies are the next items on the crafts list. Having a well stocked crafts box means that even if you don’t have a specific craft planned you can get out the supplies and let the kid’s imaginations take flight. Must have items are: crayons, pencils, rulers, glue or paste and lots of paper both in plain white and colored varieties. Items that are not a must, but are certainly fun include: glitter, colored and plain craft pasta, markers, colored pencils, paint, mixed variety of beans, felt, lace, ribbon, scraps of material and stickers. This may seem like a lot of stuff, but it comes together naturally over time as you craft and is not expensive.

Let’s Make Mine Halloween

You can craft any time of the year, but Halloween crafts for kids are so fun and with the advent of poorer weather there is never a better time to start.

Pumpkin Crafts

The orange gourd that graces the front porch of most homes this time of year has so much craft potential. This year try painting your faces. Use stencils and tape to cover spots that are to remain orange and paint the rest. This is an easy way for a child to create their own Jack-o-lantern from start to finish without having to use a knife.

Other pumpkin fun includes decorating them with glow in the dark paint. You can paint faces, stars or hand prints. Turn out the lights and watch them glow. You can also use paints to draw faces then top them with yarn for hair, sturdy construction paper for ears, ties, collars and ribbons.

Beyond faces, there is still more pumpkin fun. When you haven’t polluted the pumpkin’s flesh by burning a candle in it you can use it in your holiday baking. Pumpkin is fabulous and nutritious. Kids will love helping you use their creations to make pies or roasted seeds.


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