Halloween Crafts


Quick and Easy Gift Bags

What you will need:

Orange gift bags
Halloween stamps
Orange and black curing ribbon
Orange tissue paper


Step 1: Using black ink, stamp the Halloween shapes onto the gift bags in a random pattern.

Step 2: Allow to dry.

Step 3: Place several pieces of tissue paper in the bag, leaving ends sticking out.

Step 4: Tie curling ribbon to front handle. Use the ribbon to tie a gift tag to the bag, and curl ribbon with a pair of scissors. To create the tags: Cut a rectangle out of a stiff piece of paper. Use a small stamp to place a Halloween figure in the corner of the tag. Write the guests names on the tags using a black glitter glue pen.

Step 5: Fill the bag with goodies like candy, sticker books, movie tickets, Halloween pins, small toys, etc.


Quick and Easy Sweatshirts

What you will need:

Orange, black or white sweatshirt
Halloween clipart
Transfer paper


Step 1: Print out a Halloween picture, and use a copier to enlarge it.

Step 2: Follow the instructions that come with the transfer paper to place the design on the sweatshirt.

Note: You can use this same technique to decorate t-shirts, tote bags, aprons, etc.


Haunted House Party Invitations

What you will need:

Stiff black paper
Orange or yellow envelopes
Stiff white paper
Black magic marker
Craft knife


Step 1: Draw a haunted house shape on a piece of paper and cut out. (Make sure the cutout will fit inside the envelopes.)

Step 2: Fold the stiff black paper and cut to roughly the size of the cutout.

Step 3: Place the cutout over the folded black paper with one side touching the fold.

Step 4: Trace the cutout onto the black paper and cut out the house leaving the card connected at the fold. Repeat with the white paper and set aside.

Step 5: Cut the windows out with the craft knife. Open the card so you don't cut through the back.

Step 6: Glue yellow paper behind the window cutouts.

Step 7: Glue the white haunted house cutout inside the black house cutout.

Step 8: Use the black magic marker to write the party details inside (To:, When:, Where:, etc.)


Halloween Wreath

What you will need:

Halloween candy molds
Instant paper Mache or polymer clay
Acrylic paints
Small paintbrush
Small wire hooks
Store bought or home-made wreath in fall colors


Step 1: Fill candy mold with paper Mache or clay and remove just before drying.

Step 2: Insert a small hook in the top of each figure.

Step 3: Let them dry completely.

Step 4: Decorate the figures with the acrylic paints.

Step 5: Allow paint to dry completely.

Step 6: Cut small pieces of wire.

Step 7: Place a piece of wire through the hook of each figure, twist the wire around the hook, and use it to attach the figures to the wreath.

Step 8: Place the figures around the wreath, nestling them in among the dried leaves and flowers.


Scary Balloon Bats

What you will need:

Black balloon
Black thread
Black construction paper
White paint


Step 1: Have the balloons filled with helium the day of the party so they will float well.

Step 2: Cut the ears with some hair in-between out of the construction paper.

Step 3: Fold the bottom edge of the ears back. Cut tabs in the fold. (This will help the ear piece fit better onto the balloon.)

Step 4: Holding the balloon upside down, glue the tabs of the ear piece in front of the knot.

Step 5: Cut wings out of the construction paper.

Step 6: The top of the wings should be the shape of the bottom of the balloon with the wings flaring out to the side.

Step 7: Cut tabs in the round edge of the wings, fold them back and glue to the bottom and sides of the balloon.

Step 8: Tie with string to the knot behind the ears, and hang.



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