Happy Birthday!

When I think about Birthdays, I think about CAKE!!!   Yum!   I question what type of cake I want or my kids would want and how to decorate it, what colors to use, sprinkles, candies, icing, etc.  Well, here is a cake TOPPER that you can get endless uses out of.  Plus, it makes every cake look fabulous!   Even this banana nut cake (made randomly for my husband's birthday breakfast) looks fabulous under this birthday banner!
Birthday Banner


  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Silhouette cutter, or scissors (I prefer the first)
    • for banner pieces & letters
  • string
    • banner string
    • sewing thread
  • pom-poms
  • 2 dowels or sticks of any sort
  • sticker letters if you prefer

Cost: Less than $5… especially because you'll probably have most these items on hand!


1- Gather you paper choices and cut out your papers using your Silhouette. (I've added a FREE silhouette template of the banner tags I made).

Note: if you want a variety of colors in your birthday banner, you are going to have to use a lot of different colors of paper.  Thus, you will end up with a lot of extra paper banners.  Keep them.  Store them.  Use them on cards. make more hanging banners for chalk boards or signs.  Give your friends a Happy Birthday Banner for their Birthdays!  I've found endless uses out of these little paper banners and I love having them on hand!

2- Lay out you paper how you want your color scheme to go.

Funny this probably took me the longest… figuring out what order I wanted the colors in!

3- Take your little paper tags and fold them in half. (I was also being picky and made sure that the rougher side of the paper was all showing and folded to the outside on each).
Birthday Banner

4- Lay out a long piece of sting.  Find the middle, and start glueing your folded banner pieces over the string.  I started in the middle and worked my way out so that everything was as equal as possible.

Note: make sure your string does NOT twist on you.  If it does some of the banner pieces will hand a little twisted!  But that's alright… its a birthday banner after all!
Birthday Banner

5- take your cut letters and glue them to your banner.  Or use sticker letters if you prefer.  I again used my Silhouette to cut out my letters.  I used the font: american typewriter.

Birthday Banner


Doesn't It look Great Already!   I want to make another cake RIGHT NOW… Just so I can use it again!!!


Birthday Banner

6- Take some fabric thread, thread a needle and string your pom-poms onto your string.  My Son loved this part, but what 2 year old doesn't LOVE Pom-Poms.

Birthday Banner

Birthday Banner

7- Tie your strings onto the dowels.  I tied the two birthday strings together.  Then Tied the pom-pom string above the birthday sign.

Birthday Banner


What do you think???   Hurry Don't wait… Go make one right now for all the parties and Birthdays you have coming up!

Birthday Banner

Birthday Banner


ENJOY the FREE Template to use below.

1Banner Template.studio