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This Quick and Easy Ghost Craft is Great For Halloween

This Quick and Easy Ghost Craft is Great For Halloween

Need a quick craft idea for Halloween? We've got you! Sometimes, we're just too busy to make anything elaborate for Halloween, but we don't want to go with store-bought decorations. Or, you're in need of an easy craft for your kids to do at a birthday party or on a stormy day.

These ghosts are super simple to make, and don't require a lot of supplies. You more than likely have some old pillowcases or shirts lying around that you don't need anymore. Those will work perfectly for this craft. If you don't have anything you can use, many craft stores sell plain t-shirts for cheap.

Once you accomplish making one of these ghosts, you'll get the hang of this craft and you'll be able to do it a lot faster. These homemade ghosts should last for multiple Halloweens, making next Halloween even easier. Feel free to further decorate these ghosts how you want!

If you enjoy this craft, check out our other awesome Halloween and fall crafts. Fall is a great time to do arts and crafts with your kids. The weather is often less than delightful, so you'll need good indoor activities to keep everyone busy and entertained. We're here to help you with that!

Ten Minute Ghosts


Something white:  sheet, pillowcase, towel, t-shirt, trash bags, store bags with the advertising cut off (‘fabric’)
String or fishing line or rope
Stuffing (paper towels, tissue, socks, etc)


1.  Make a round ball of stuffing material, place it in the white fabric, and tie a string around the neck.

2.  Thread a needle with string and poke the string through the head, tie the string in a loop and hang.

3.  Use heavier string for bigger ghosts.

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