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Here Are Some Great Crafts With Old Cans and Boxes

Here Are Some Great Crafts With Old Cans and Boxes

Do you have old cans or boxes lying around that you just don't have any use for? You could throw them in the recycling bin, or you could recycle them yourself! These simple crafts allow you to make use of those cans and boxes to create something great.

These crafts can be done with kids, but we encourage you to handle any step that involves a razor knife. Kids don't have as good of an ability to handle objects as adults, and as such are more prone to accidents. You don't want anyone getting cut and having to go to the emergency room!

You likely already have the majority of the items you need for this craft on hand already. You may need to grab some wrapping paper or heavy paper from the store, but these are relatively cheap. If you want to find really cheap wrapping paper, check stores right after Christmas. Wrapping paper is usually heavily discounted at this time.

If you enjoy these crafts, make sure to check out all of our other crafts! We have some amazing, fun crafts for you and your children to do together. Finding things to do on a rainy or snowy day can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be!

Creative Cans and Beautiful Boxes


Clean empty cans
Wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric—your choice (heavy paper works best)
Rubber bands
Scissors/Razor Knife
Straight edge
Straight Pins (for fabric)

Directions for cans:

1. Measure the can from top to bottom, and diameter (the size of the label) plus about 1/2 “ for overlap.

2. Cut paper to fit—follow directions to activate glue on pre-pasted wallpaper— OR spread glue over entire back side of paper.

3. Wrap the can; apply rubber bands to hold paper on can.  Use a damp towel or sponge to wipe off any oozing glue and disperse any air bubbles before it dries. Let dry.

Directions for boxes:

1. Follow above directions minus rubber bands, allow extra paper at top (3-5”) and bottom (1-2”), straight cut corners (where the fold line would be) and tuck to the inside of the box—this will give you a finished edge over the top.

2. Cut the corners at the bottom, overlap bottom then cut a piece to fit and cover the bottom of the box.

3. Fill the box with crumpled newspaper to help the box hold its shape until it’s dry. 

Directions for fabric:

1. Fold raw edges to the center.

2. Apply glue to the can, wrap the can with fabric, use straight pins to hold the fabric in place until the glue dries.

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