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Mummy Pumpkins: Easiest Craft EVER!

mummy pumpkins

Mummy Pumpkins: Easiest Craft EVER!

Happy October 1st everyone! On a sad note, we are on government shutdown. However, as of right now the internet isn't shut down so I thought I share these cheery pumpkin mummies with you to temporarily help take your mind off the peril that exists in our government.

Typically, this is how crafts go for me:

One hour into the craft I often say to myself “What in the HEE-HAW was I thinking?”

It's not that I don't like crafting, sometimes I love it.  But I only love it for about 45 min-hour.  And then the love sometimes turns to loathe. If only you knew how many unfinished crafts I have lurking in my basement (or that I finally gave up on and threw away).  Don't judge.

Mummy Pumpkins

mummy pumpkins
You don't even have to have any crafting skill to make these mummy pumpkins look cute, the wiggley eyes do all the work for you!

So today's craft is not a new one. I've seen it floating around the internet lately, and I'm usually the last to know about things…so chances are you all saw it last year. But here's why I love it:

SO EASY.  And FAST. And CHEAP.  Which equals a winner at my house!

I'm also a fan of crafts that give you the general idea of how to make them just by looking at them. I've never really been that good at reading directions anyway (Yes, I am that person that bypasses the measuring spoons when making a recipe and then wonders why my cookies turned out weird).

Plus, I've never truly enjoyed carving pumpkins anyway.  Please don't call me the Halloween Grinch.  I still give it a try every year, but it always just ends up the same: not quite as fun as intended.  It's just messy.  And I'm clumsy with a knife.  Please… just give me a marker and let me color it.

Anyway..Here's what you need to make your own adorable set of mummy pumpkins:

Hot Glue

Gauze (some people used cheesecloth)

Wiggle Eyes

You can't really notice the areas where you hot glue, but I always did my glue spots on the back or bottom of the pumpkin–just in case.

So to start off, make a glue spot and start the gauze.

Then wrap around and glue again.  Repeat.

Then attach your eyes and if you'd like you can use a sharpie and add a mouth.

mummy pumpkins

Some people died the edges of the gauze brown to make it look “aged,” but I definitely skipped that part. (I chose this craft for ease and time, remember?)

Mummy Pumpkins- So much better than pumpkin caring and so easy!

The first pumpkin seriously took me less than 3 minutes.  The smaller one took double the time because I wanted to cut the gauze width in half to see what it looked like.  Overall this project took 10-15 minutes TOPS.

And that my friend, is how all crafts should be.

Anyone else doing a Halloween craft this week?


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