Halloween Dinner Activity (with free PRINTABLE) & fun food

Halloween Dinner & Food

Halloween Dinner Activity (with free PRINTABLE) & fun food

We all know things get crazy on Halloween!  Every year our family has a tradition of a very special Halloween dinner, the kids love it and the adults get a good laugh!

Fun Halloween Dinner Tradition

Everyone orders from a special Halloween-themed “menu,” and no one actually knows what they are getting (because menu items are titled things like “mummy mash” or “Scrambled brains,” etc.

Here's how it works: 

First you need to select what will be served at your dinner.  You need to choose 12 items, which also includes the drink, spoon, fork, knife and napkin along with all the food items.  Three courses are served.   Each participant begins by selecting which items they would like to receive for each course.

Those in charge/serving will give out 4 items, one course at a time and then also TAKE each of those items at the end of the course before the next is served.  What makes this especially fun is there is no guarantee that you will or will not receive utensils to eat with at each course.  You may get your dessert,drink, and two utensils to start with, (which will mean that on your second or third course you may not have a utensil at all).

The kids really enjoy watching the adults each with their hands and we have gotten very creative at what we use to eat with in the event that we don't get one. It is a really fun way to mix things up on a SPOOKY, HALLOWEEN NIGHT!  You will find free printables with the menu for your guests to fill out and a key.



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Here are some fun food ideas for your special Halloween dinner (change up the titles when you do your menu so it's harder to figure out what it is).

What a fun Halloween dinner tradition, PLUS SUPER easy Halloween food ideas

Easy Cheesy, Yummy Mummies!

Easy Halloween Food Ideas for a Themed Halloween Dinner that we do every year

Sausage Mummy Meatballs

Easy Halloween Dinners + our favorite Halloween tradition

Easy Monster Spaghetti

(This one needs no instructions. Make spaghetti as normal and make the face using Mozzarella cheese and olives)

Fun and Easy Halloween Food Ideas + our favorite Halloween dinner tradition

Spooky Yogurt Parfaits

Halloween 'candy corn' yogurt parfaits + Our favorite Halloween Dinner tradition

Easy Mummy Cupcakes

SUPER EASY Mummy Cupcakes + our favorite Halloween Dinner tradition

Halloween Deviled Eyes

Halloween Deviled Eggs + our favorite Halloween dinner tradition



What are some of YOUR favorite Halloween Foods or Traditions?!?!

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