The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants in Los Angeles Today

Wine and cheese served for a friendly party in a bar or a restaurant.

The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants in Los Angeles Today

Los Angeles is considered the “City of Angels.” It's also a city known for some of the most expensive food in California and the United States. The six most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles today show the food offered in these restaurants.

From beef to sushi, you'll discover that the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles offer luxury beyond compare. You also have to reserve seating. Some of these restaurants also offer the allure of private dining, 3-course dinners, the finest wines, and other unique menu items, making them one of the best and most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles.

This guide uncovers everything you need to know about these expensive restaurants in Los Angeles. We look at what makes them unique, how much they are per person, and what you can expect when you eat at these restaurants.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Wine and cheese served for a friendly party in a bar or a restaurant.

CUT by the famous Wolfgang Puck is perfect for dining if you love quality and high-priced steak.

Prices are $165 per person. They also have wine dinners, which are special events that are $495 per person. You'll find different steak, shellfish, and seafood cuts on the menu. They also have private dining if you're willing to pay even more.

Here are the most popular items you can find on the menu:

You'll also find a selection of the finest wines, sometimes a few hundred dollars. It's the perfect night to enjoy some of the tastiest food and drink.


If you particularly love seafood, then you'll love Providence. It's one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles and one of the most expensive.

You may spot a Hollywood star dining in this restaurant only a few minutes from Hollywood. The renowned Chef Michael Cimarusti runs this world-class restaurant.

From oysters to half-shell seafood, you'll discover the best seafood. However, date night won't be cheap as it's between $120 and $200. You'll also have to pay between $165 and $350 for wine pairings.


The best place to eat sushi or Japanese food is in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles at Matsuhisa. It's also one of the most expensive.

One of the most unique things about this restaurant is the private Omakase bar for specialty drinks. You can also eat outside or host events in the climate-controlled patio. Although the food is expensive, it's also one of the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. You'll find a premium sushi menu and Chef’s Choice Omakase.

Mélisse Restaurant

If you like a chic interior design for eating, look no further than Mélisse Restaurant. However, this restaurant is far from cheap. You'll find that a four-course dinner runs between $145 and $175.

Although it has a steep price, Mélisse Restaurant offers a unique experience. For starters, you can enjoy French-New American specialty dishes. There's also a rotating seven-course dinner. A unique part of their menu that's hard to pass up is the Poached Halibut and Roasted Lamb Loin.


Spago is the upscale restaurant you've been looking for in Los Angeles. If you're looking for a private dinner experience, look no further than Spago because it offers specialty experiences. They also have a la care menu items if you want to order single menu items.

Some of the most popular items on the menu are Sautéed Maine Monkfish, Pizza with Shaved French Black Truffles, and Austrian Veal Weinerschnitzel.

Eating at Spago ranges from $12 to $21 for the first courses, $14 to $25 for the second courses, and $34 to $80 for additional courses. They also have divine desserts like Dark Chocolate Souffle or Basque Cheesecake.

Sushi Zo

If you want a few sushi options that offer high-quality fish in Los Angeles, look no further than Sushi Zo.

To make the food more unique, they season their rice with a unique blend of vinegar, making the rice pop with more flavor. Some popular items include Blue Crab Hand Roll with Yuzu Juice.

However, the price of this restaurant isn't something to sneeze at. Sushi dinners start at $190 a person.

What Restaurant Should You Dine At?

If you're wondering what restaurant to dine at in Los Angeles and aren't afraid to spend a little more, consider these six restaurants. They are some of the best when it comes to sushi and steak. They are the highest quality food with some of the best wine and desserts. Eating at any of them is sure to be an experience to remember.

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