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The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants in Seattle Today

Seattle Downtown Skyline and MT. Rainier Washington

The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants in Seattle Today

Seattle makes its home next to Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. With its location in mind, it is no wonder that some of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle are seafood. 

Seattle was first settled on November 13, 1851, and is known for being one of the rainiest places in the United States. However, did you know it is actually pretty far down on the list of the rainiest cities? Seattle still has many attributes that set it apart from other cities and make it unique in its own right. These include the mouthwatering, flavorful, and a bit expensive restaurants on this list.

When you visit these restaurants in Seattle, you will learn quickly why the reviewers rave about delectable entrees and impeccable service! So, don't discount these restaurants simply for their price; give them a try. You may find yourself coming back again and again! Now, let's look at some of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle today. 

Vashon Island lighthouse
Seattle is known for being one of the rainiest places in the United States. However, it actually is pretty low on the list of rainiest cities!

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One of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle is Canlis. As soon as you walk up to Canlis, you will be in awe of the modern design of the restaurant and the beautiful views! Canlis has been offering delicious food to its guests for over 71 years. Guests can encounter the Cascade mountain range and Lake Union, which adds to a romantic or relaxing night. The Executive Chef, Aisha Ibrahim, is Canlis's first Female Executive chef. 

The menu at Canlis runs around $175, and on it are three main courses. Guests can enjoy sablefish with hazelnut, corn, and kombu among the delicious courses. Artichoke with wildflower, spinach, and walnut. Duck, with summer squash, blueberry, and dashi. The entrees are both unique and delicious options for your next night out. 

El Gaucho

El Gaucho makes the list as one of Seattle's most expensive restaurants. It was started in 1953 by Jim Ward. It had a sister restaurant, 13 Coins, run by Paul McKay during this time. After some time, El Gaucho shut down in 1985. However, Paul persevered and worked hard to reopen this restaurant. His vision came to fruition in 1996. 

El Gaucho is a picture of elegance and fine dining. Guests enjoy delectable food, exceptional service, and a dining experience that makes them feel pampered. 

El Gaucho has an extensive menu that will delight any tastebuds. Guests can choose from shrimp sauteed in wicked spice, a half dozen oysters, or tasty crab cakes with red pepper pesto and roasted garlic for appetizers! El Gaucho also has soup and salad options from mixed green salad, gaucho salad, and French onion soup. From there, guests can choose a juicy steak like the bone in ribs or top sirloins. There are also seafood options such as lobster tail or halibut. 

Steak runs from $40 to $89; appetizers and sides are add-ons. Although this restaurant may be pricey, they are incredible with their service and luxury dining feel. 

Metropolitan Grill

Another expensive restaurant in Seattle is Metropolitan Grill. Labeled as “one of those crazy expensive steak restaurants” by one reviewer, the Metropolitan Grill is anything but ordinary. 

This restaurant is an expert in delicious and juicy steaks. With the personal and cultivated feel of the Metropolitan Grill coupled with the fine martini and mouthwatering steaks, guests will be returning for more. 

This restaurant takes pride in providing USDA Prime beef for their guests to offer juicy and tender steaks packed with flavor. Guests can choose from dry aged prime, such as filet mignon or porterhouse, American Wagyu Natural beef, or Japanese A5 Beef. The beef ranges from $40 up to $190. There is also an option on the menu for dinner for two. The Chateaubriand is a carved tableside, an elegant option for a romantic date.

Aside from their delicious steak, more characteristics make Metropolitan Grill stand out. They offer private dining for couples, receptions, celebrations, and more. During your private event, you will have the option to customize different aspects of your event. These finishing touches include flowers, wine, and a menu. 

Metropolitan Grill also has the option to join the Cellar Club, which comes with many exclusive perks and benefits. Metropolitin Grill has many characteristics that make it stand out as more than just another expensive steak place. 

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Steakhouses are among some of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle. They offer Prime grade beef that makes your mouth water.

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AQUA by El Gaucho

Making the list as an expensive restaurant in Seattle is AQUA. El Gaucho has done it again with its superb restaurant, AQUA. AQUA is a waterfront dining restaurant that has fresh seafood to enjoy.AQUA allows guests to take in Elliott Bay, the Space Need, and Mt. Rainier. 

Joe Satterwhite is the executive chef at AQUA. Chef Joe is described as being passionate and talented in his art and love for the culinary world. He lives by his motto. which is “Let's make today better than yesterday.” This can be seen when guests visit the AQUA. Reviewers have described the service as impeccable, accommodating (especially for children), and having a remarkable atmosphere. 

On the menu, guests will find tasty starters like tenderloin diablo, which is sauteed tenderloin tips in cajun cream sauce, and grilled Spanish octopus. Moving to the entrees, guests have an array of options at their fingertips. There are seared scallops with mushroom fagottini pasta and snap peas, Wild Alaskan black cod, and grilled king salmon. While AQUA is a seafood restaurant, guests can also find pork rib and chicken on the menu.

AQUA also provides visitors with an excellent wine list. The sommelier will help guests who may need to learn more about wine pairings to find the perfect one for their meal. 

Praised as one of the best seafood restaurants around, stopping by AQUA will be well worth your time and money! 

The Butcher's Table

The Butcher's Table is a steak restaurant that offers private dining and delicious steak options. These include filet mignon tenderloin, cap of ribeye, and Coulotte. There is also the option to purchase superior beef cuts, from Miyazaki a5 New York, which runs $220, to Classic ribeye, which runs $88. 

There are also seafood options, pork chop, and grilled artichoke hearts for those not sold on steak. 

The Executive Chef is Morgan Mueller, who is praised for his mouthwatering, richly flavored entrees and skills with ingredients. 

The Butcher's Table has many unique aspects that set it apart from other steak restaurants. There is a Gold Dust Room. This room is an event space that is both high-end and upscale. This private event space allows guests to enjoy a private bar, a dining room for up to 100 people, and a cocktail lounge. No matter your event, the Gold Dust Room is an intimate and upscale venue worth checking out.

At the Butcher's Table, guests can also shop the butcher's shop and choose from exceptional cuts of meat. The shop is open Monday through Friday from 12 to nine p.m. and Saturday from three to nine p.m.


One last expensive restaurant in Seattle is Palisade. Palisade is another seafood restaurant praised for its gorgeous marina views and delicious food. The menu includes appetizers like crab and lobster dip, seared crab cakes, and jumbo shrimp cocktail. There are soup and salad options as well. Once guests get to the entrees, there are several options. Guests can enjoy chicken Caesar salad, regular rotisserie chicken, a burger topped with bacon and onion, or a prime rib sandwich. However, the main attraction is, by far, the seafood options. These include salmon, shrimp, sesame-seared ahi, and fish and chips. 

Guests can choose from joining the members club, hosting private events, and more. There is so much to love about Palisade!  

In Conclusion

Seattle is a vibrant city that has many places to dine. Whether you are looking to plan an event or celebrate a milestone with the love of your life, the restaurants on this list are top-notch venues to add to your must-visit list. Although they make the list as some of Seattle's most expensive restaurants, don't let the price scare you away. All these restaurants offer guests high-quality menu options, friendly staff, and a memorable dining experience. 

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