The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants in San Diego Today

A very elegant and beautiful table setting at fine dinning restaurant.

The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants in San Diego Today

San Diego is one of the most desirable places to live. It has the best beaches, beautiful weather, and amazing restaurants. Trying the best Mexican, Italian, or American food at these restaurants isn't always affordable. In fact, they can be the most expensive depending on where you dine out.

If you're looking for an amazing restaurant with high-quality food and ambiance, consider the most expensive restaurants in San Diego. They each offer something different, from ambiance to location to food and wine. Learning more about them can give you insight into how much you should expect to pay for some of the finest restaurants.

This guide looks at some of the most expensive restaurants in San Diego and what makes them unique. We look at the most popular food and drink they offer and how much you can expect to pay by yourself or with a party.

Addison Restaurant

A very elegant and beautiful table setting at fine dinning restaurant.

If you love wine to complement your dinner, you might enjoy the 1,500 options of wine you get at Addison restaurant in San Diego.

The best of this restaurant isn't even the food. It's the scenic view of San Diego. However, if you want a ten-course menu, you must pay for that dinner and that view. That cost is $365 a person. You'll find food like shrimp, steak, grilled chicken, etc. It's the perfect place for a fancy date.

Eddie V's Prime Seafood

San Diego is known for its sunny and gorgeous beaches. One of the benefits of being near the ocean is that restaurants in San Diego get some of the freshest seafood in the world.

Part of having the freshest seafood around is charging whatever you want. If you eat at Eddie V's Prime Seafood, you'll pay anywhere from $30 to $300 for some of the best-tasting fish, shrimp, or other forms of seafood.

One of the unique things about this restaurant is that it's located in the center of downtown San Diego, making it more than convenient to walk around to other shops.

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House is famous nationwide, not just in San Diego. However, wherever you'll find a location, you'll also find that it comes with skyrocketing dinner prices.

They offer steak, baked potatoes, salad, grilled chicken, and delicious cheesecake. You can choose from an array of courses that mix and match these dinner options. The price for eating at Ruth's Chris is between $75 and $150 per person, especially if you get drinks with your dinner.

One of the reasons that Ruth's Chris is famous is because it has the highest quality steak of most restaurants.

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

If you want more steak options beyond Ruth's Chris, look no further than Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar.

You won't find cheap steak at this restaurant. The cheapest you'll pay for a piece of steak is about $40. If you want wine with dinner, you'll pay a minimum of $100. There's a method to this pricing. The steak is usually aged for 28 days, making it more delicious.

Island Prime

Island Prime in San Diego is one of the most difficult places to get a reservation. It has a variety of delicious food for anyone who loves American cuisine. They have Island Prime Filet Trio, Seared Atlantic Scallops, Seared Blackened Tuna, and more that range from $40 to $65.

While it isn't the cheapest place in San Diego to eat, it's also one of the best places to eat, with delicious seafood and a collection of over 1,200 wines. It's also quite an expensive date night because of the spectacular ocean views.

Born and Raised

The final most expensive restaurant in San Diego is Born and Raised. It's another high-end steakhouse that offers some of the best ingredients when they make their steak.

The lowest cost you'll find at this restaurant is $30. The unique thing about this restaurant is that every service is highly trained and knows what wine goes with your food.

What Restaurant Should You Dine At?

If you're wondering what restaurant to go to in San Diego, the ones on this list are some of the finest. They offer excellent wine, steak, and other kinds of food that make it worthwhile to try. Although they are expensive, it just shows what effort and high-quality food they provide to customers. It shows why they are considered the best restaurants in San Diego.

Trying any of them on a date will not only make you appreciate the food, but you'll also have a greater appreciation for San Diego.

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