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You Need to Make This Eerie Eyeballs Recipe For Halloween

Halloween eyeballs on crackers

You Need to Make This Eerie Eyeballs Recipe For Halloween

Halloween is here! If you're throwing a Halloween party, you need to have some good appetizers. Simply serving ordinary appetizers won't do. Your guests will be expecting something creative! So, give them your best with these eerie eyeballs.

It isn't hard to make appetizers that fit the theme of the holiday. All that's required for this particular recipe are four ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, Ritz crackers, black olives, and red food coloring. The end product will definitely be spooky!

Serve these as soon as your guests arrive, or after they've had time to settle. Or, offer these along with a variety of other selections for your guests to pick and choose from. Make sure none of your guests have any food restrictions prior to making these; egg allergies are somewhat common!

Halloween Eerie Eyeballs Recipe

Eerie Eyeballs Recipe


Eggs; hard boiled
Ritz crackers
Black olives
Red food coloring


1. Cut hard boiled eggs in half lengthwise. Remove yolks and make filling for deviled eggs. ( Deviled Eggs Recipe )

2. Cut out small hole from bottom center of each egg (about 5/8″ diameter). Poke a black olive partway through each hole and hold in place by filling eggs with yolk filling.

3. Place each egg, olive side up, on a ritz cracker.

4. Paint red lines, resembling blood veins, with a toothpick on the eye.

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