DIY Silly Putty

DIY Silly Putty


DIY Silly Putty

 DIY Silly Putty

Cold weather is upon us and the kids can easily get restless. Save this recipe for a rainy day and it’ll entertain your kids for hours.

Silly putty is great because it’s easy to make and you can do a few different things with it. Pull out last week’s newspaper and make impressions from the comics or articles, have a sculpture-making contest, or just bounce it around. Use the recipe below to make your own personalized silly putty.

How to make Silly Putty:


2 parts Elmer's Glue
1 Part Liquid Starch
Optional: Food Coloring. Make your silly putty any color you want.


1. Pour starch and a few drops of food coloring slowly over the glue and mix. Add more food coloring for desired color. If it is too sticky you can add more starch.

2. Cover and refrigerate overnight. It may need to dry out a bit before you can use it.
Store in an air tight container or plastic bag.

To make impressions: Once it’s ready to use, just take a piece about the size of a golf ball and roll it into a ball. Find your favorite comic or newspaper that you want to copy. It needs to be a non-shiny print so the picture or print can transfer to the silly putty.

Press the ball on to the section you want copied. Press firmly enough so the ink transfers on to your silly putty. Slowly pull up the silly putty, starting at the top. Turn it over to find your copied masterpiece in your hand!

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