Pregnancy Month by Month - Month 2


Your Baby:

All of the major body organs and systems are formed, but are not completely developed yet. The placenta is visible and working. Tiny ears, ankles, and wrists are formed. The eyelids form and grow but are still sealed shut. The fingers and toes are developed this month.

By the end of the second month the fetus looks more like a person and is about one inch long, but still weighs less than an ounce.


Your Body:

Your breasts are probably still sore and your nipples and the area around them begin to darken. Morning sickness may continue along with feeling tired and needing to rest more as your body adjusts to being pregnant. The total amount of blood in your body increases.


Prenatal Care:

Visit your health care provider for your month 2 checkup. Eat a variety of healthy foods, and continue to supplement your diet with folic acid during your 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy to reduce the risk of certain birth defects. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water, juice, and/or milk every day.

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