Pregnancy Symptoms: How to Quickly Find Comfort

12-pregnancy-symptoms-comfortAre pregnancy symptoms really dimming the joy of this, the most magical time of your life?  Well, that is a big fat dose of reality.  Pregnancy may be joyous, but it is not necessarily the most comfortable time of your life.

Fortunately there really is a lot that can be done to lessen the discomforts of pregnancy, making life much more manageable until baby arrives and total relief from pregnancy symptoms is found.

Eating Often

Most people are aware of the benefits of eating small, frequent meals as a way to ward off morning sickness.  The benefit does not end when the nausea does. In fact, small frequent meals should become a way of life for the nine months of pregnancy and during lactation following the birth.

Infrequent meals can cause stomach upset, shakiness, light headedness and fatigue.

Eating Well

Eating small meals comprised of candy bars and bags of chips is not going to help anyone stay healthy, no matter how happy you make your taste buds!

Your mini-meals need to include selections from the healthier categories on the food pyramid.  Fruits, veggies and grains in a balanced variety are a must.  To really pack a powerful punch each mini meal should include a healthy source of protein. 

Apples and peanut butter, or jerky and carrot sticks, and cheese on salad greens are all great examples.


When feeling large and totally exhausted the last thing you want to think about is exercise, but regular exercise really will chase away many of the most troubling pregnancy symptoms.  Take a walk, go for a swim or visit the gym.  Exercise now will also make delivery easier.

Water: Drink Up

Dehydration plays a role in 80% of preterm labor. Not getting enough water also makes mom feel not quite right, resulting in headaches and lowering the amniotic fluid levels.

Dehydration also causes a 20% drop in energy levels.  When pregnant it is best to skip other forms of liquid refreshment if they get in the way of your daily water intake.

Carry a sipper bottle with you everywhere and keep it filled!

Getting a Nap

Fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom which only seems to grow as your body becomes larger and more uncomfortable at night.  Offset a crummy night’s sleep by taking regular naps.

The art of power napping will help keep your energy up during pregnancy, as well as aid you in changing your sleeping schedule while baby is still learning the difference between night and day.


Getting a regular massage during pregnancy can do your body a world of good.  Massages can help relieve back pain, lessen stress, swelling and all sorts of other discomforts.

If you are not used to pampering yourself, now is the time to start.  Getting the knots worked out of tired pregnant muscles will go a long way toward upping the ‘joy’ quotient of your pregnancy.

There is nothing that can be done about the size of your belly bump, or the heaviness in your back.  A massage is a small thing you can do to make these symptoms less overwhelming while you wait for baby to appear.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Trimester

Sort out pregnancy symptoms one trimester at a time to up the comfort quotient as you move through this exciting time in your life.

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