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3 High-Protein Costco Products That Are On Sale and Healthy

Costco Meat Section

3 High-Protein Costco Products That Are On Sale and Healthy

Next week we'll pass Halloween and venture into November which can only mean one thing: Costco will be LOADED with holiday deals.

Costco just released its Holiday Savings Guide, which starts on October 30th. Let's dive into a few of the best deals and focus on some low-carb options that are great if you're on a diet like Keto.

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Items on Sale at Costco from October 30 to November 12

Costco's Holiday Savings Guide starts in three phases. The first phase is October 30 to November 12 and features several household items.

Some of the best deals include:

  • Tramontina 2-Piece Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens: Normally selling for $60 in store and on-sale for $45. They're presently sold out online, so you will want to check if they're in stock at your local store.
  • Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 Flex Basket Air Fyer: Normally priced at $150 but on sale for $120. If you somehow don't have an air fryer in your house, this is an excellent deal to get started cooking with them.
  • Food Deals: French Onion Soup, Bourbon Maple Syrup, and Minh Minh Chicken Egg Rolls are some of the featured food sales.

Starting November 13th Excellent High-Protein Products Go on Sale

Costco Items on Sale
All three products are on sale from November 13 to November 27

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Costco has more Holiday Savings on food from November 13-27. Specifically, there are some great high-protein options if you're looking to cut back on carbs before the holidays (gotta fit into those holiday sweaters).

  1. Amylu Cranberry & Jalapeno Chicken Meatballs: I'm a huge fan of Amylu's products. Whether their Nashville Hot Chicken Patties, or Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs, all the products I've had from Amylu are high-quality. So, it would make sense that Costco would put their Cranberry & Jalapeno Meatballs on sale before Thanksgiving. They're an excellent option to serve at a Thanksgiving brunch. The meatballs come in a 46-ounce package and are $4 off.
  2. Fratelli Beretta Antichi Salami Chubs: Another perfect item before the holidays. If you're hosting any guests during the holidays these salamis cut up well and are delicious when served with crackers and cheese. They're $3.50 off with a limit of 5 per customer.
  3. Citterio 18-Month-Aged Prosciutto di Parma: Prosciutto is another product that's excellent on charcuterie boards around the holidays. You can pick up some high-quality prosciutto on the cheap at Costco before Thanksgiving. This prosciutto is packaged in two six-ounce containers and is $3 off.

Happy shopping this holiday season!

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