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Chinese Gender Predictor

Chinese Birth Chart - How to use it to predict whether you are having a baby boy or girl (also known as the Chinese Birth Calendar or the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar)

Chinese Gender Predictor

Ever heard or thought of a way to determine the gender of your baby? Are you now pregnant and want to know the sex of your baby? There is of course western medicine to figure out the gender via ultrasound. However, it often takes around 12-13 weeks to see the baby's gender on an ultrasound.

After all, once you know the gender, you can start thinking about naming your baby girl or baby boy for the next several months! It should be noted that only ultrasound is guaranteed to be able to tell the gender with certainty. Using other methods like a Chinese birth chart is a more fun way to predict your baby's gender early on.

Key Points of the Chinese Birth Chart and Predication Method

  • This system is not meant to be used as a gender guarantee but instead, just a fun way to think about your baby's gender.
  • The Chinese Birth Chart is several hundred years old and was used originally to help noblemen and women plan for a child.
  • This chart is the most ‘accurate' if you know the exact day that you conceived and the position of the moon in the lunar cycle.

Chinese Birth Chart

If you do want to know, you may want to try out a Chinese gender predictor in 2019 & 2020. Whatever your situation may be here is a unique idea for you to try. This ancient way of determining the sex of a child dates back centuries. It is quite interesting and fun to try.

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With gender reveal parties being so popular these days this could be a great way to introduce this as a party game or try it out just for fun with you and the family.

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This method is a little unconventional in that it does not really fall in line with all of the other outlandish ways of determining the sex of a child which includes wives' tales that talk about carrying high means you are having a girl as opposed to if you are carrying the baby low then it most likely means that you're having a boy. Another one is if you are craving certain foods that is definitely a clear sign you are having one or the other.

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History of The Chinese Birth Chart

The Chinese birth chart has been around forever and is simple to use. Just start by calculating your lunar age. If you don't know how to calculate it, you can look up a lunar age calculator for a quick conversion and it will calculate it for you, then you will be prepared to try the calendar out for yourself.

A little history going way back says using a Chinese birth chart was revered and relied upon by the late Qing Dynasty’s Imperial family whose favor leaned toward the hope of having boys over girls. It was kept secret and shared with only a select few. The emperors would also make plans for their future emperors or empresses as well. Having a boy would mean being able to carry on the lineage of the family name.

The boys in the family were also more well-favored because of their ability to go out and work and provide money to support their families. This has unfortunately led to some curious aspects of Chinese culture even today!

There are two parts to the Chinese birth calendar.

  1. The lunar age going down and
  2. The chart shows the month of conception going across.

The columns that have the space to indicate the numbers down the left side will represent the mother's age at the time she conceived and the columns on the chart going across will represent the month of conception. To predict the baby's gender follow down and across to where the age and month will intersect. the box will be blue for a boy or pink for a girl of course.

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Again, just two steps: Just simply enter your age at the time of conception and then simply click on predict baby's gender. For gender selection, before you conceive, you would pick the age when the mother is planning on conceiving. If you want a girl, you would choose pink and then blue if you would like a boy.

The tradition of using a prediction calendar — also referred to as a Chinese birth chart or a Chinese Birth calendar — dates back quite a few centuries to the Qing Dynasty which dates back to the year 1636 until 1912. It is said to have been taken by military forces to England where it was then translated into the English language.

More historical researchers say that a Chinese scholar copied the prediction chart in 1972 and the owner then made it public unfortunately, with the chart having such a long and almost unverifiable history, the authenticity could not be truly investigated or verified.

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How Accurate is The Chinese Gender Predictor?

The calendar's accuracy is said to rank much higher than other gender tools used online ranging from 50 to 70% more or less. Some of the histories of the calendar say that it was taken by military forces to England where it was then translated into the English language.

This ancient practice consists of many tales that may or may not be true. Others say that the Chinese gender predictor was found in a royal tomb guarded by eunuchs, but with expert research, no real concrete evidence can really support that claim.

There are some claims that also state that the Chinese gender predictor is 90% accurate, others claimed it to be 50/50, and deeper studies say only 30% accurate. No matter the study this prediction method is mainly meant to be a fun practice than any real scientific method.

The prediction chart has such a long history and due to this circumstance, some things may never be truly proven concerning its true accuracy and nature. While some believe that the chart's accuracy is said to rank much higher than other gender tools online, from 50 to 70%, others will sware by it or use it but use it with the thought that this is only a game. Its methods rely on the five elements, the yin and yang, and the Eight Trigrams, and has quite a travel history.

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Researchers also state that it was brought to England treasured by their then King then later taken to Austria by a professor where a Chinese scholar studied it in detail and then it was brought back to the Homeland of China. Its original copy has now gained popularity in the Eastern and Western world.

If you're into lunar awareness and how it relates to your pregnancy, the Chinese lunar calendar leap month occurs every two to three years, so if the months that you conceive occur during the first half of that leap month you should probably check your previous month as being your month of conception and if it is the second half of the leap month use your next month to determine your conception month.


The use of the calendar has been reported by several women who have stated that it has absolutely worked for them. Other reports say that it was accurate for half of the time they were pregnant. Some use just because they are excited to try something new and others state that it's really great fun to try!

The Chinese Birth Chart is also known as the Chinese Birth Calendar or the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. It is important when using the Chinese Birth Chart, to use it the correct way to predict baby gender.*

To use the Chinese Birth Chart, read the instructions below and follow the link to the chart.

Here's a Chinese birth chart example if you get confused

Directions for the Chinese Birth Chart

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  1. Go to the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar page, then follow the steps below to get your most accurate results.
  2. Take note of the mother's age at the time of conception.
  3. Take note of the month when the baby was conceived.
  4. Locate that month on the top portion of the Chart and the age on the left side of the chart. (Example)
  5. Finally, follow each row and column on the Chinese Birth Calendar to the spot where they meet and intersect, and look for the corresponding box labeled B for boy, or G for girl (they have also been color-coded pink or blue as well).
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Many parents and parents-to-be have used the above method to accurately predict their babys' gender.

*Although the internet the Chinese Birth Chart maintains a high accuracy rate for baby gender prediction, it is not a scientifically proven method for baby gender selection.

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