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Try This Great Slow Cooker Herb-Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe


Try This Great Slow Cooker Herb-Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

Stuffed pork chops are incredibly good. You have many options for the stuffing out there; with this particular recipe, your pork chops will be getting stuffed with a stuffing mix. Stuffing is commonly used in turkey, but why can't it be used in other meats?

Aside from the pork chops and stuffing mix, you'll need butter, a small onion, oil, white wine or chicken broth, salt, and pepper. You'll need to brown the pork chops prior to putting them in the slow cooker, so make sure you give yourself enough time to do that.

This recipe will need to spend eight to nine hours in the slow cooker. If you want to throw it in before work, you'll need to get up a little earlier to give yourself enough time to brown the chops beforehand. Getting up a bit earlier will be worth it to come home to dinner already finished!

Another option is to make this recipe overnight. If you choose to go with this method, you'll need to have a large enough container to store the chops until dinner. Make sure they're reheated thoroughly before serving! As long as these chops cook for the right amount of time, it doesn't matter when you put them in the slow cooker!

Herb-Stuffed Pork Chops


4 loin or rib pork chops, 1” thick
2 cups seasoned bread cubes or stuffing mix
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 small onion chopped
1 tablespoon oil
¾ cup white wine or chicken broth
Salt and pepper


1.  Combine bread cubes, butter, and onion.

2.  Cut a pocket in each chop by slicing from the fat side almost to the bone.

3.  Season chops on each side with salt and pepper.

3.  In a skillet, brown the chops in oil (about 2 minutes on each side).

4.  Remove chops from skillet and spoon about ½ cup of stuffing mix into pocket.

5.  Place stuffed chops into slow cooker.

6.  Pour wine or broth over chops.

7.  Cover and cook on low for 8-9 hours or until meat juices run clear.

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