I have a friend who looks so cute in her messy bun at all times, and she always has people asking her “how to do a messy bun.” She is wearing a messy bun almost everyday, but it always looks really good and like she spent time getting ready for the day! She HATES that I asked her to make the video and take these pictures for all of you, but she's a really good friend.

I personally wear a messy bun all of the time, but I like hers better. After witnessing enough people ask her how to do a messy bun like she does, I knew a messy bun tutorial needed to happen. Thank you T, for inspiring the mom world … one messy bun at a time.

First, the video, followed by some “after”:


I asked her to create the video long and slow so that we could all catch on, but once you practice, you will get the perfect messy bun in just seconds. She literally whips this thing into creation in the blink of an eye and it's so impressive.

Tips for how to do a messy bun

How to Do a Messy Bun

You will need:

How to do a messy bun the easy way

Another thing I have noticed, is that she always has an elastic on hand, because of her BRACELET! How genius is that?! I had never seen these elastic holder bracelets until my friend showed me hers, but it's basically a fun and handy way of always having an elastic on your wrist.

How to Do a Messy Bun: Get the perfect messy bun in seconds

There you have it! The ‘how to do a messy bun' secret is finally out! And the quick and easy messy bun looks so great on little girls too! Now you have another fun hairstyle up your sleeve for the next time your daughter is running late to school.
How to do a messy bun really quickly on little girls
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