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The 11 Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio

Goodwill store

The 11 Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio

If you’re looking for a great deal on just about anything, head to San Antonio. Texas is a great melting pot of cultures, and people often move to the state from all over the country, so there are tons of great treasures to find, especially in thrift stores. San Antonio is particularly unique because it has a more rustic, down-home feel, and so the stores are full of items that are oozing with character. If you’re looking for something truly unique, then check out this list of the best thrift stores in San Antonio.

1. Goodwill Stores – Multiple Locations

There are over 30 Goodwill centers in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. It’s at these stores that you can donate items of almost any kind and shop for everything from videos and old DVDs to couches and extensive wardrobes. You can buy the products either in the store or online. It’s truly a treat to walk the aisles and see hundreds of racks of clothes and shelves filled with children’s toys, bikes, and gaming systems. Note that every Goodwill will have a different selection, but they’re all worth a visit. 

2. Green Door Thrift – 1030 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX 78209

The Green Door is a community favorite because, even though it’s smaller, it still has a wide range of products from which to choose, from small furniture and housewares to clothing and jewelry. The store is run by a team of 60 volunteers, and they donate all of the profits to charity. That’s even better than Goodwill, which only donates 81% to the community (they use the rest to pay the employees). Folks in the community can donate their own goods that others can buy. People in San Antonio really like this store because they know that when they spend their hard-earned money, they’re doing something good for the community. 

3. Thrift Town – 2864 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78238

This is another of the mainstream thrift outlets that is like walking into a trendy department store. They have tons of great secondhand clothing for men, women, and kids. They have activewear, jeans, sweatshirts, and even sports apparel. There are also shoes, hats, and jewelry. Like other thrift stores, they also sell music. All of the products are quality tested, so you know you’re getting great products at a better price than you’ll get anywhere else. Best of all, every Monday, they have their “Thrifty Over Fifty” promotion, where older folks get great discounts.

4. Texas Thrift – Multiple San Antonio Locations

When many Texas residents think of deals and thrifting, they’ll think about Texas Thrift. The stores are pillars of the community as they encourage people to share their unused goods and recycle. The company likes to point out that 80% of unwanted clothing ends up in landfills, so customers can bring it in and allow those outfits to find a new home. Texas Thrift has been around for over 30 years, so they’re a trusted name. They also have a cool club that customers can join to get notifications about sales, points for every sale, and more. It’s worth checking out at least once.

5. Boysville Thrift Shop – 307 W. Olmos Drive, San Antonio, TX 78212

Another of the best thrift stores in San Antonio is Boysville Thrift Shop on Olmos Drive. This awesome store was established way back in 1954 with the intent of providing funds to the kids who lived in Boysville. This is another of those thrift stores that is 100% non-profit, and all of the benefits go to the kids. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a full-scale thrift store that offers products for everyone. There’s clothes for boys, dresses and jewelry for the girls, and stuff for mom and dad. There is also a lot of furniture, including full bedroom sets, dinette sets, and more. This is a huge place with aisle after aisle of treasures, so check it out.

6. Isabel Thrift Store – 9210 Farm-To-Market Rd 78, Converse, TX 78109

Isabel's Thrift Store
Isabel's Thrift Store is in a cute little corner of San Antonio and the owner is a treat!

©Justin Zipprich – License

This is undoubtedly one of the best thrift stores in San Antonio due to its charm and friendly staff. Isabel Thrift Store is actually in a suburb of San Antonio called Converse. This is a smaller store, but it packs a lot of punch. There’s furniture, books, electronics, wall art, and knick-knacks of all stripes. Best of all, everything is priced just right, so you could walk out with a handful of items without breaking the bank. The store is very clear, and the owner, Isabel, is always very sweet and helpful.

7. Junk Depot Thrift Shop – 2608 S. Presa St., San Antonio, TX 78210

This is another San Antonio hotspot with a name that can throw you off, but don’t be mistaken, if you love thrift shopping, then stop by the Junk Depot. This is a smaller hole-in-the-wall store that looks unassuming when you pass by. But don’t walk past, as there’s a treasure trove inside. There are all kinds of random items to purchase, from dolls to furniture to wall art, 8-track tapes, musical instruments, and more. It’s a store that always gets great reviews because of the merchandise and also the friendly staff that’s always there to help.

8. Assistance League Thrift House – 2611 West Ave., San Antonio, TX 78201

The Assistance League is a charity program with 120 chapters around the nation that has over 22,000 members. The goal is to take donations and help the people of the world. The Thrift House in San Antonio is something special. This is considered an upscale retail store, so while you’re helping the community, you’re also buying quality products like you would get at the mall. When you shop here, you’ll be greeted with a wide array of products, from toys, tools, and office equipment to classic books, collectibles, and more. 

9. Grasp Thrift – 417 E Aviation Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148

Grasp thrift store
Grasp Thrift Store is another unassuming location with a lot of potential inside.

©Justin Zipprich – License

Located in the suburb of Universal City, Grasp Thrift is absolutely one of the best thrift stores in San Antonio. The acronym GRASP stands for the Greater Randolph Area Services Program. It’s a non-profit that has a mission of helping those in need, and part of that is accomplished through its thrift store sales. This is a decent-sized operation that accepts new and used items from the public, and all profits from sales go to the needy. This is truly a store with everything. They sell music, clocks, outfits for children and adults, coffee machines, decor, etc. You name it, they have it. If you want to spend all of your time around this great store, you can apply to be a volunteer and make a real difference. 

10. Bargain Depot – 6707 N.W. Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238

Bargain Depot offers a bit of a different take on thrift shopping, but it’s quite exciting. The store has a bunch of bins that are loaded with miscellaneous merchandise. Every day there’s a price per item listed on the window, and you can go crazy finding all kinds of goodies. Just make sure to read the hours on the website and get there right when they open, or you will be fighting the crowds. Each day of the week, there’s a different price, and generally, the lower the price, the more picked over the items have been. Still, it’s an exciting place to check out at least once.

11. My Fashion Exchange – 16658 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, TX 78232

Finally, we have My Fashion Exchange, which focuses on clothing for men, women, and children. While they do have many outfits similar to those of the other thrift stores, this location sets itself apart by selling new and gently used clothes from some of the top companies, like Coach, Micheal Kors, J. Crew, and more. Plus, they have shoes, bags, and many accessories. It’s a nice little place, and the staff is really friendly as well. 


This has been your list of the best thrift stores in San Antonio. This is a community with a lot of character, and so there are a lot of fun products to discover. Consider visiting some or all of these stores if you’re looking for something specific or just to see what’s out there. Happy shopping!

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