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Menopause Mood Swing Relief

Menopause Mood Swing Relief

Menopause Mood Swing Relief

Menopause mood swings are like a snowball, the mood swings stress you out and make you feel even more miserable. Relaxation can put an end to a mood swing before it spirals out of control. Below are some relaxation techniques that can help you not only relax, but remain healthy as well.

Learn how to control your breathing

One of the most basic skills a person should be able to use when it comes to work through menopause mood swings is being able to control their breathing. By taking time to bring consciously bring their breathing under control a person will be distracting themselves from those thoughts which in fact could only be causing the tension to occur in the first place.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This technique as developed by an Dr Edmund Jacobson in 1939 in America. Anxiety is part of menopause, and tense muscles will set the stage for mood swings. It is believed that those suffering from anxiety will also find that their muscles become tense as well. So by carrying out exercises which help to reduce the tension in a person's muscles will also help to relieve the anxiety that they are feeling. It is important that when using this type of relaxation technique a person does not tense their muscles too much or those which are not specific to the group that is mentioned in each step of the technique. It is important that when using this technique a person follows the instructions provided to them completely.

Using your Imagination

A person's imagination is one of the most powerful tools that a human has. In studies carried out it has been found that a person's subconscious mind finds it very difficult for it to differentiate between what is imaginary and what is actually real. This is why a person's imagination can have a very profound effect on what our mind thinks. When using this technique to help you relax you should only place images in the mind which make you feel positive not just about yourself but the things around you. The more the real the image in your mind is then the more positive you feelings will become. As soon as you have reached a state where you feel comfortable and therefore relaxed then you can start to bring yourself back to what the real world has to offer you.

The above relaxation techniques are ones which anyone can carry out by themselves in the comfort of their own homes. Using techniques like these can help cope with menopause mood swings and the stress that comes with them.

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