Menopause Relief for Mood Swings

Good relaxation techniques will often help people who are suffering from menopause mood swings to get over their bad mood and back to normal. Below are two such techniques which may assist you if you are suffering from mood swings in menopause.

1. Progressive Relaxation

This technique is particularly beneficial to a person if they are actually able to record the instructions that they need to follow on to either a tape or CD before they start doing them. When recording these instructions a person should read them slowly and then ensure that they leave a pause (only short) between each one. This particular technique can actually be practiced by you while either laid down on your back or sat in a chair but you must ensure that your head is supported.

During this technique you will need to learn how to tense each muscle and muscle group for 5 seconds and then relax them for 20. You will often need to repeat the procedures and in the beginning may find that this technique is only partially effective in helping you to relax. However with a lot of practice you will soon find that your whole body begins to relax within a couple of minutes of starting.

2. Deep Breathing

When it comes to relaxation techniques this is one of the most basic skills a person will need in order to help themselves calm down quickly and so relax. For many people who have learned to bring their breathing under control through conscious effort have found that it distracts them away from other thoughts that they are having and which can be stressful. In fact there are some deep breathing techniques which can have an almost sedative like effect on the person who has learned to use them correctly.

In order to carry out these exercise properly you need to either be sitting or lying in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. You now need to start concentrating closely on your nose and nostrils as this is where you want the air to enter your body through. Now with your mouth closed take in a deep slow breath through your nose and then hold it for a few seconds and ensure that you keep your attention on it. You will find that as you take the air in through your nostrils it will feel cold on them. Now after the few seconds have passed you should release the air taken in back out through your nostrils and feel the warm air as it is expelled. Carry on doing this exercise for a few minutes until you feel your body and your mind begin to relax.

Whenever you are using any kind of relaxation techniques the first thing that you should be doing is find a place where you can either sit or lie down comfortably, where you will not be disturbed. Remember, relaxation is the goal! Menopause mood swings are common, and very treatable.

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