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Menopause Weight Gain Tips to Stop It

Menopause Weight Gain Tips to Stop It

Menopause Weight Gain – Tips to Stop It

When making changes to any of your dietary or lifestyle habits it is best that you do not do too many at once. Do things gradually and build up a list that you feel comfortable with. Below are some diet tips that you may want to include within your new dietary and lifestyle plan.

1. Change those bad eating habits

A lot of us will often eat unhealthy food and drinks whilst we are carrying out every day tasks because they have become a habit. Next time when you are sitting down watching TV or at the movies, shy away from the sweet products and go for something a little more healthy instead. Replace the chocolates and sweets with fruit and nuts instead.

2. Water

Increase your intake of water if you can replace some of the sodas that you are likely to drink in the day with some water. Flavor it with some natural juices like lemon and lime.

3. Dining Out

When at a restaurant many now offer a more lighter alternative to the more traditional meals on their menus. A lot of restaurants are also now providing details of the calories that are contained within each one. If the menus do not show this information then go for those meals where the food has been either poached, boiled, steamed or baked instead.

4. Vary your Exercise

If you really want to ensure that you carry on doing your exercises week in week out then make sure that you change them around a bit. You could one day go for a bike ride and then next go for a walk or run. By sticking to the same routine week in week out a person soon gets bored and loses the incentive to carry on with their diet and exercise regime.

5. Only eat lean meat and poultry

Fat actually contains more calories than protein does so by reducing your intake of fat you are actually reducing the number of calories you are consuming also. Wherever possible remove the skin from the poultry and remove any excess fat from the meat before cooking. Use olive oil or sunflower oil when cooking.

6. Do not eat 3 meals a day

We have all been brought up by parents to believe that eating 3 square meals a day is good for us. However if you really are trying to lose weight and ensure that it stays off the best way is through eating between 5 and 6 small meals a day. Doing this not only will you keep your energy levels up so you will in fact burn off more calories, fat and carbohydrates…but you will also be staving off the hunger pangs that you may feel when you eat 3 meals a day.

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