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“Who Am I” Nativity Game + Free Printable

"Who Am I?" Nativity game for kids

“Who Am I” Nativity Game + Free Printable

It is important in our family to take time to remember the Savior and His birth during a season that can often get overwhelming with festivities and gifts. As a mom of three little ones I am constantly looking for ways to teach my children in a way that will be meaningful to them.

“Who AM I?” Nativity Game

  • We received the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Playset a few years ago and it has become one of our favorite ways to tell the Christmas story. This year we added to the normal tell the Christmas Story and play with the set by creating a game that got the kids even more involved.

nativity fisher price


  • Ahead of time you will want to write out clues describing Jesus, Mary, the Angel Gabriel, the shepherds and the wise men or feel free to print out this printable with the clues that we wrote and used.

Nativity6 Nativity4Nativity5








  • Read the Christmas Story. We use the book My First Story of the First Christmas, which features New Testament as well as Book of Mormon stories. You can find the book on Amazon here. There are so many books, so find one that you like!
    Creative Ways to Celebrate the Nativity
    After telling the story we sent our little ones on a hunt for the pieces to the nativity. After they returned with all the pieces we read each clue and had them pick out who we were describing. Afterwards, have them retell the story of Christmas using the playset and enjoy playing together!



nativity printable

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