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Some Popular Seasonal Summer Fruit You Need to Buy

Some Popular Seasonal Summer Fruit You Need to Buy

Summer is an abundant season, the time of year when all our favorite fresh fruits make their appearance at local farm markets and produce stands. Strawberries dripping with juice as they're picked from pick-your-own farms, peaches that take on a golden summer hue, and watermelons crisp and sweet… ready to cool the soul on the hottest of days.

Below are some of the most common fruits in season during the summer, along with ideas for how to use each. It's the perfect time of year to eat healthy, fresh foods after months of limited choices. When you can, get your fruit from local fruit stands. Always remember to wash your fruit before eating it!

Seasonal Summer Fruit You Can Enjoy


Strawberries are among the most popular fruits in the summer. Sweet and refreshing, they're perfect for a snack on a hot day. They're also used in a variety of dessert recipes, from pies to cakes. Few things beat a slice of strawberry pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Strawberry shortcake is also popular during this time of the year, as well.

For a healthy option, make a strawberry smoothie. Some recipes incorporate vegetables into the recipe as well, using the strawberries for color and taste. Regardless of which option you choose to go with, a strawberry smoothie is a great way to start your morning.


Apricots are sometimes forgotten about in lieu of other fruits, but they still deserve their time in the limelight. Apricots are often used to make jelly and jam, which can then be spread on toast or sandwiches. If you have access to fresh apricots, try making some of your own jam or jelly for your family!


Few fruits say summer quite like peaches. Peaches are delightfully sweet and juicy when properly ripe! They're often eaten just on their own, but they can also be put into a variety of desserts. Peach pie in particular is a popular option. If you have the ability to make your own ice cream at home, why not try making some peach ice cream?

Make sure your peaches are definitely ripe before eating them. Peaches can, at times, appear ripe with a quick glance, but closer inspection proves that they aren't quite ready for consumption yet. Under-ripe peaches won't taste very sweet, leaving you more than disappointed!


When we think of summer, one of the images that may come to mind is of eating watermelon. Watermelon can be bought pre-sliced or whole. If you choose to buy a whole watermelon, make sure you have the means to cut it up! Many people will hollow out a watermelon half and use it to serve something else, like a punch.

Watermelon cubes can be frozen for a cold treat. Frozen watermelon is healthier than a popsicle, so it's a great choice for the kids after school or after getting in from playing outside. Drizzle some chocolate over each cube for a special (albeit less healthy) treat.

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