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The 18 Best Places To Eat In Omaha Today

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The 18 Best Places To Eat In Omaha Today

Omaha is a great place to visit if you're looking for a destination for your family vacation. First of all, Omaha is known to have one of the world's best zoos. It is ranked in the top five zoos in the United States, which will be a great experience for your family. There are also places to visit, like the Durham Museum, Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha Children's Museum, and the Old Market. And if you're ready for a parent's night out, Omaha has some good nightlife. But if you want to ensure you're eating delicious food, we've compiled a list of some of the best places to eat in Omaha. Check it out, and enjoy!

Le Bouillon

Le Bouillon offers French cuisine and is located in Omaha's historic Old Market. They are in a building that for many years was a fruit produce company, then a cafe, and now a beautiful restaurant that offers a great atmosphere and delicious food. Try dishes like duck frites, fried rabbit, and beef bourguignon.

V. Mertz

V. Mertz offers modern American cuisine but with a twist. They have a focus on using local produce and meats, which will influence their menu based on what's available. Another destination that is in the Old Market, it has a romantic and cozy atmosphere. They're also known for having great wine pairings. Enjoy dishes like truffle risotto, pork osso buco, and wagyu steaks.


Kinaara is a wonderful place if you're looking for Indian cuisine. The owners have created this restaurant to bring authentic Indian cuisine to the Omaha area. Chef Ashish was a chef in Dubai for many years before he came to America and opened this restaurant with his co-owner. Kinaara is known for its delicious biryani and other Southern Indian dishes.

Juicy delicious ribeye or tomahawk steak on the bone with baked potatoes, spices and herbs. Hearty meat dish
Omaha is known as one of the best places to get steak, as Nebraska has the largest beef industry in the U.S.


Johnny's Cafe

Johnny's Cafe has been around for a century, opening in South Ohama in 1922. It's a family-operated steakhouse currently being run by the Kawa family, the third generation to run the restaurant. The restaurant feels like a blast from the past as the decor is vintage, and they have kept around some fun memorabilia. Make sure you try one of the six cuts of meat they offer to get the best they have to offer.

Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen

Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen is the place to visit if you want traditional Chinese cuisine. A quick and casual dining experience, you'll find delicious dishes like scallion pancakes, kung pao chicken, and garlic shrimp. If you have picky eaters, they also have Americanized dishes. Make sure to ask the kitchen about their specials, as they have a rotating list of delicious entrees.

El Basha Mediterranean Grill

El Basha is the place to be for Lebanese Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can find delicious salads and meats of all varieties. First, start off with some hummus and falafel, and enjoy some taboule or fattoush for a refreshing salad. Then get the chicken, lamb, or beef either over rice or in a kebab served with sides of tahini or garlic sauce.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is an ale house if you're looking for good beer and handheld foods. They are known for their amazing Reuben sandwich. This sandwich is so famous, that every year they host an annual Reuben fest. You'll find they have other food items influenced by their Reuben, like the Reuben egg rolls.

Block 16

Block 16 is a restaurant that offers farm-to-table street food. Run by a husband-and-wife chef duo, they serve high-end street foods that focus on seasonal flavors as they get their ingredients locally. They've been visited by celebrity chef Alton Brown, who has been bragging about Block 16's Croque Garcon burger every since, saying it's his favorite burger in the country!

La Buvette

What initially started as a grocery store in the 1990s is now a favorite spot in the city for French cuisine. It's located in the Old Market and is known for its Parisian charm with great wine, cheese, meat, and more. It is a favorite of locals, which is always where you want to go when you're traveling. It has a great outdoor patio if you're looking to enjoy your meal in the beautiful weather.

Aerial View of Downtown Omaha, Nebraska in Autumn
If you're planning a trip to Omaha, the best weather is known to come in the Spring and Fall.

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Salween Thai

What once started as a go-to takeout restaurant for delicious pad thai has now turned into the largest chain of Thai restaurants in Omaha! Salween Thai has four locations where you can experience amazing Thai food and popular dishes like pad thai, drunken noodles, and panang curry. If you're visiting during Fall or Winter, make sure to try their warming coconut chicken soup.

The Committee Chophouse

The Committee Chophouse is located in the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel and is known to be one of the city's hottest new steakhouses. If you're staying at the Kimpton, it's likely you won't be looking to have dinner elsewhere as the Committee Chophouse offers many delicious meals. Try their vintage beef cuts like Porterhouse and Delmonico. They'll also offer seasonal entrees like a sweet corn risotto. Enjoy craft cocktails, a large wine list, and a pool club at The Committee.

Modern Love

Calling all vegans! Make sure to add Modern Love to your checklist. Led by Chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz, you'll find delicious vegan comfort foods and amazing desserts. Try dishes like mac and cheese with cashew cheese, buffalo wings made of cauliflower and seitan, and a seitan burger. Desserts include milkshakes, pies, and cakes.

The Drover

The Drover is known for having “Omaha's original whiskey steaks.” What is a whiskey steak, you might be asking yourself? It's a steak marinaded in The Drover's famous secret whiskey marinade recipe that has been around for decades. Here you'll find Western-themed art and cowboy memorabilia for a true Nebraska experience. Make sure to try the bone-in rib-eye, which is known to be very large!


Raved about by travelers and locals, Yoshitomo by Chef David Utterback is an amazing sushi restaurant with quality and creative rolls. They also offer small plates, nigiri, or a limited omakase service. Omakase is a curated experience with multiple courses to showcase special and delicious flavors. Also, enjoy a drink with dinner from their extensive beer, sake, and wine list.


Dante is known for its wood-fired pizza and homemade pasta. Here, you'll find modern Italian cuisine and hyper-seasonal dishes. Known to sell only Italian wine and use Italian cooking techniques, you'll find some delicious and authentic dishes at Dante. Whether you're looking for a spot for a family dinner or just a place to grab a drink, Dante has a great atmosphere.

Dinker's Bar and Grill

Dinker's Bar and Grill is a local neighborhood bar known for their famous Haystack Burger. This burger is a six-ounce sirloin steak smothered in American cheese, smoked ham, and a fried egg. Since its opening in 1965, it has been the talk of the town that this burger is in the running for best burgers in Omaha. Enjoy classic sides like french fries or onion rings with your burger. And bring cash as they are cash only.

Hacienda Real

Hacienda Real has a handful of locations in Nebraska, and this new location in Omaha has people raving. Their homemade salsa and enchiladas are items that have stood out to locals and travelers. This is a great Tex-Mex restaurant with delicious margaritas and even a brunch menu if you want Mexican breakfast dishes.

Avoli Osteria

Led by chef Dario Schicke, Avoli Osteria offers delicious homemade pasta with regular rotating flavors like carbonara and eggy tajarin. Focusing on Northern Italian Cuisine, Chef Dario uses locally grown ingredients, and if what he needs can't be found locally, it is shipped in from Italy. Open for just a few hours Wednesday through Sunday, make a reservation to try this amazing spot.

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