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The 7 Largest School Districts In Utah Are Massive

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The 7 Largest School Districts In Utah Are Massive

Utah is often known for the great salt lake, gorgeous mountains, National parks, and so much more. While there's so much to do outside, there's also an underappreciated value for the inside classrooms in Utah. The school districts in Utah offer some of the most prestigious schools for families and their kids.

In fact, Utah has 42 school districts, which have 945 schools and roughly 606,000 students. Given there are so many, families need to know which school districts are the largest and see what schools are available. Understanding Utah's seven largest school districts helps families determine where to live and where these schools rank. In this guide, we'll look at what makes these districts unique and how they can help your family make a better decision.

Alpine School District

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Utah offers a lot of great educational opportunities in some of the biggest districts.


Alpine School District has 92 schools with around 106,000 students, making it one of the largest school districts in Utah. When it comes to rankings, Cedar Ridge School, Highland School, and Freedom School are ranked in the top fifty schools in Utah.

Here are the exact stats when it comes to these schools in the Alpine School District:

  • 61 elementary schools
  • 14 middle schools
  • 15 high schools

Davis School District

Davis School District offers more schools and fewer students, with 96 schools and 73,000 students in the district. The average student-to-teacher ratio is 28:1. Some of the best high schools in the state are in this district, with Northern Utah Academy and Fairfield Junior High School.

Here are how the 96 schools are broken down in the Daivd School District.

  • 59 elementary schools
  • 17 middle schools
  • 8 high schools

Granite School District

Granite School District has 92 schools with around 62,000 students. Located in Salt Lake City, this school district has some of the best-ranked high schools in the state, with Skyline High School, Olympus High School, and Cottonwood High School. The student-to-teacher ratio is relatively lower in these schools, averaging 22:1.

Here are some of the schools that are in this Granite School District.

  • 62 elementary schools
  • 15 middle schools
  • 11 high schools

Jordan School District

Jordan School District is considered an above-average school district based on elementary to high school scores. This district has 69 schools with around 59,000 students. This district is recognized for some of its best elementary and high schools. For example, Jordan Ridge School and Westland School are elementary schools that are some of the best in Utah.

Here are some of the elementary, junior, and high schools in this school district.

  • 41 elementary schools
  • 13 middle schools
  • 9 high schools

Washington Country School District

Washington School District has a total of 55 schools with around 37,000 students. This district is considered one of the top 15 places for teachers to teach and the no. 1 district for student-athletes. Additionally, this school has superb elementary schools ranked exceptional in Utah. These schools are Crimson View School and Majestic Views School.

Here's a breakdown of the variety of schools included in this district.

  • 34 elementary schools
  • 10 middle schools
  • 11 high schools

Canyons School District

Canyons School District has 52 schools with around 33,000 students. The average testing ranking for this school is in the top 20% in Utah. The entire district was considered one of the best school districts for athletes in Utah. It was also ranked one of the most diverse school districts and districts with the best teachers

These are the schools located in Canyons School District.

  • 29 elementary schools
  • 8 middle schools
  • 5 high schools

Nebo School District

Nebo School District has 70 schools with around roughly 36,000 students. Located in the southern part of Utah, this school has a smaller student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1. Some of the best schools in Utah are in this school district. For instance, Maple Ridge Schoo, Hobble Creek School, and Spring Lake School are the best elementary schools in this district, with students scoring higher in math and reading than other schools in that district.

Here are some of the schools that are part of this school district.

  • 31 elementary schools
  • 31 middle schools
  • 8 high schools

Which District Should You Choose?

Utah is considered one of the most beautiful states in the country. But it's also one of the most underrated states for education. Families are always moving to Utah for the mountains, culture, and gorgeous scenery. But they are also moving to for the education. With so many schools in the biggest districts in Utah, there are plenty of educational opportunities for families to choose from.

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