Turkey Bacon vs. Regular Bacon: Full Health Comparison (Calories, Fat & More)

Turkey bacon cooked on a cast iron pan ready to eat

Turkey Bacon vs. Regular Bacon: Full Health Comparison (Calories, Fat & More)

It can be hard to beat the aroma of freshly cooked bacon in the morning! Whether eating it with biscuits and gravy or wrapping it around an appetizer, there are many ways to enjoy bacon. It is no secret that regular bacon contains plenty of fat and is not great for our health in large quantities, although it is delicious. Enter turkey bacon to the scene. It is touted as the healthier version of regular bacon. This article will explore the difference between turkey bacon and regular bacon. It will also examine the looming question, “Is turkey bacon really that much healthier than regular bacon?” This article will also cover the main differences in calories, texture, and taste and also look at the full health comparison. Let's take a look below!

Turkey Bacon vs Pork Bacon


What is Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon often boasts of being the healthier alternative to pork. This is in part because turkey contains less fat than pork. This type of meat is what one will likely call mimic bacon. It is turkey meat that has been seasoned and pressed into strips. These strips make the meat appear to look like bacon. Sometimes, you will find bacon that has a mix of light and dark meat. This variation is to give an even closer appearance to pork bacon. 

Turkey bacon cooks just like regular, although significantly less grease will develop. It also has fewer calories and fat than regular bacon. It is for this reason many say turkey bacon is healthier. However, this type is still a highly processed meat. It has added sugar and preservatives, nitrites, and nitrates. It is also high in sodium, like regular bacon.

Turkey bacon in frying pan
Turkey bacon cooks just like the pork version. However, there will be less grease while cooking because it has significantly less fat.

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What is Regular Bacon? 

What people call regular bacon is pork bacon. It comes from a pig's belly, undergoes a lot of processing, and contains preservatives like nitrates and sugar. It is also high in fat and salt. Since regular bacon is highly processed with a high fat and salt content, there is a higher risk of heart disease and cancer when consuming pork bacon in high quantities. 

While bacon is typically pan-fried, it can be baked or put in the air-fryer. Many types of pork bacon, including thick cuts, are available in the supermarket. Bacon has a smokey, salty flavor that is also intense.

Raw Organic Uncured Salty Bacon Ready to Cook
Pork bacon comes from the belly of the pig. It contains plenty of fat and has a very crispy texture.

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Full Health Comparison (Calories, Fat, and More) 

Although they are similar, turkey and regular have a few differences. For starters, where they come from is the main difference. The flavor, texture, and calorie differences are equally important. 

First, turkey bacon is the ground-up meat of a turkey. In contrast, pork bacon comes from the belly of a pig. Both types are high in fat and sodium. However, turkey bacon contains fewer calories. This is one reason many say it is healthier. 

What are the Taste Differences?

Another difference between the two lies in their flavor profiles and texture. Turkey bacon has a chewier texture than regular bacon. Pork bacon has a distinct crispy texture that falls apart in your mouth. Regular bacon has a porky, meaty, and mouthwatering flavor. On the other hand, turkey bacon has a milder flavor and tastes similar to duck. 

Health Comparison 

Both types of bacon also differ in their health comparison. 

Turkey bacon has fewer calories and fat than pork.

Both types are highly processed meat. They are best in small quantities because they both contain risks for adverse health effects. They are also both high in sodium and preservatives. 

These increase the risk of certain cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, they are best in moderation.

Turkey Bacon vs Pork Bacon Nutritional Facts
Full health comparison.


Which One Is Healthier?

Turkey bacon has fewer calories and fat than regular. In this regard, yes, turkey bacon is the better weight-loss option. However, processed meat still comes with risks, much like regular bacon. They are both delicious and savory and make a delicious meal. When swapping one out for the other, it comes down to personal preference!  

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