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baby girl names

Baby Girl Names

Naming your newborn girl is an important decision that will affect your daughter throughout her entire life. Baby girl names come in all shapes and sizes, from the top 100 baby names from the last century to names rich with special meaning to the parents.

We've gathered lists of unique and popular baby girl names (and baby boy names), along with our baby names page to help you find the perfect baby name.

For those looking for a time honored way of naming their daughter, consider Southern baby naming methods. Using double and family names, along with using classic names for girls such as Mary, Anna or Jane is a popular baby naming choice. Honoring a beloved father or uncle named Michael or Joe can still be used when naming a baby girl. The child could have a name such as "Anna Michael" or "Mary Jo".

However you decide to name your little girl, you'll find plenty of names on the following pages of girl names. Click the links below to browse through alphabetized lists of names for your baby girl.

Baby Girl Names and Girl Name Meanings - A to Z Listing


Baby Girl Names by State

Popular Baby Girl Names in 50 States

Popular Girl Names by State for 2012

Popular Girl Names by State for 2011

Twin Baby Girl Names

Names for Twin Girls

If your bundle of joy has become two bundles of girls, you'll want to check out the most popular twin girl names

Popular Twin Girl Names



Baby Girl Names
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