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Baby Girl Names

baby girl names

Get the most popular and unique names for baby girls ♀ Use our A to Z baby girl names lists to find the perfect name for your princess.

Naming your newborn baby girl is an important decision that will affect your daughter throughout her entire life. Look for baby girl names that she'll love as she grows and one you'll love from her baby years and beyond. One that honors family, your heritage, or a completely unique name to begin her new life.

Girls names come in all shapes and sizes, from the top 100 baby names from the last century to names rich with special meaning to the parents. The alphabetized lists are easy to print and make notes as you decide. We also have baby boy names lists for your new bundle of boy.

Click on the links below for alphabetized lists of baby girl names and lists divided by year, personality and more.



Girl Names A-Z
Baby Girl Names A to Z Listings

Thousands of names for baby girls with origins and meanings.

Baby Girl Names

Top 100 Girls Name Lists
Top 100 Baby Girl Names

Over 100 years of vintage and modern girl names by decade.

Vintage Names

Unique Girl Names
Unique Baby Names

Names lists based on statistics, that may predict the future for your baby.

Unique Names


Popular Girls Names
Popular Baby Girl Names

The most popular girls names by year over the last 14 years.

Popular Names

Names by State
Top Girls Names by State

The top girls names, gathered in lists for each of the 50 states.

Girls by State

Twin Girls
Names for Girl Twins

Twin girl names that go perfectly when you have two bundles of joy.

Girl Twins Names


Britain's Girls Names
Popular Baby Girl Names in Britain

Names for proper British girls.

British Girls Names

Ireland's Girls Names
Popular Baby Girl Names in Ireland

The top names for wee Irish cuties.

Irish Girls Names

Scotland's Girls Names
Popular Baby Girl Names in Scotland

Scottish names for your bonnie lass.

Scottish Girls Names

Baby Girl Names
compiled from the US SSA Names Database.

Pregnancy Week By Week

Follow your pregnancy progress week by week.

Pregnancy Weeks

Names for Dogs
Names for Dogs and Puppies

Puppy and Dog Names for the dog babies in your life.

Dog Names

Names for Cats
Names for Cats and Kittens

The perfect names, from the smallest kittens to the big cats.

Cat Names


100 Years of the Top 5 Boy Names
Top 100 Baby Boy Names
For the last 100 years some things haven't changed in baby boy name choices. See which ones were perennial favorites.

Top 5 Boy Names Each Year

100 Years of the Top 5 Girl Names
Top 100 Baby Girl Names
For the last 100 years baby girl name choices have seen quite a shift in popularity. See which ones were yearly favorites.

Top 5 Girl Names Each Year

Baby Girl Names from A to Z


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